AdTech Holding and City Friends Club unite to clean up Limassol

AdTech Holding and City Friends Club recently took part in the clean-up event.

According to a relevant press release, the effort took place near Limassol on 10 February.

"The importance of such an initiative is self-explanatory, since Cyprus experiences serious waste issues. According to the local government, the island produced 543,000 tonnes of solid waste in 2020 and almost 650,000 tonnes in 2021, which shows that the amount grows," the announcement said.

The team of AdTech Holding employees along with City Friends Club volunteers managed to collect 1000 kilos of waste.

Organizing the third event of such kind, AdTech Holding and City Friends Club demonstrate that social eco-initiatives and personal contributions of citizens matter.

AdTech Holding's commitment to ecology in Cyprus

The event itself took place at the Moni coast, a picturesque beach area in the suburb of Limassol, where the team of AdTech Holding employees along with City Friends Club volunteers managed to collect:

40 bags of PMD

70 bags of general waste

800 kilos of household waste

Total result: 1000 kilos of waste.

AdTech Holding employees saw this activity as more than individual responsibility, but rather an aspiration to change a situation as a whole, the company's announcement noted.

"Definitely, all of us want to live on a greener and cleaner island, and we are ready to apply our efforts and time for that. However, a more global aim we are pursuing is increasing awareness of the waste issue in Cyprus and motivating other companies to join us," Maria Yashina, Head of MarComms and Brand Management at AdTech Holding elaborated.

Eco-friendliness as an everyday practice

AdTech Holding's eco-friendly initiatives go far beyond clean-ups, which have already become regular for employees, the press release continued.

"We believe that large companies like AdTech Holding can make a difference when it comes to common well-being. In addition to clean-ups, we sort waste in our office, share educational eco-programs with our employees, and contribute to Cyprus' greener environment. We also support developers who do their best to contribute to public good," Yashina added.

"AdTech Holding shows an example of how corporations can contribute to communities using their capabilities, both media and financial. These inspiring activities can become a common life-changing practice for everyone who cares about the world around them," the announcement concluded.

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