Cypriot Elena K. Tsolakis among world's 100 most influencial women architects

Elena K. Tsolakis, co-founding director of Cyprus and London-based Kyriakos Tsolakis Architects has been featured in the Royal Institute of British Architects' latest ground-breaking new book '100 Women: Architects in Practice,' recognising the most influential female architects from around the globe.

This highly anticipated book, which was launched in New York on 8 February, celebrates the most influential architects of our day and highlights the difference that exemplary architecture can have on the world around us.

Elena, alongside her architect brother and sister Nicodemos and Cassandra, have consciously focused their studio’s work on public and cultural buildings; those that, as she says, ‘can have the greatest positive impact’. Several of her studio’s projects are in remote mountainous locations. As the book discusses by delving into Tsolakis’ National Star Observatory of Cyprus (Troodos Observatory), it is exemplary architecture that can act as a ‘gravitational pull’ to these often forgotten regions. Within urban environments, her work speaks to improving social equality, such as with the first purpose-built women’s shelter in Cyprus for SPAVO, a place that empowers abused women to rebuild their lives.

Human Wellbeing is an increasingly important exploration for the studio, with projects such as a Culinary school, and the Charisma Wellness Resort in Mykonos becoming hubs for longevity and wellbeing. This book shines a light on both Tsolakis’ and other female architects' important contributions in a field traditionally dominated by men. Tsolakis’ inclusion in this prestigious compilation stands as a beacon of inspiration for women in leadership and the general public, showcasing the vital role women play in shaping our built environment for the better. This recognition reaffirms that purposeful architecture is worth celebrating, as are those who have made it their life’s commitment to improve the world we live in, through the power of architecture.

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