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RIF: €900,000 call for research projects with Israel

The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) has teamed up with the Ministry of Science and Technology in Israel to announce a joint call for research projects totalling €1.8m – €900,000 per country – in a bid to further reinforce the two countries’ cooperation and transnational relations in the field of research and innovation.

Under the “Transnational Partnerships Programme” concerns the implementation of joint research projects (TRL 2-4) between Cypriot and Israeli organisations, in thematic areas that fall under the Smart Specialisation Strategy and reflect common interests of the two countries. The sections in which proposals can be submitted are the following:

Ø Maritime and Shipping Ecosystems

Ø Renewable energy

Ø Health

Ø Environment

Eligible to apply are research organisations and universities in Cyprus and Israel, while cooperation networks are allowed in each country.

The maximum funding for each project is €200,000 in total (€100,000 for each national network). The submission of proposals is done through RIF’s IRIS portal and the closing date is 11 April 2024 at 13:00.

The call is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

For more information, visit RIF’s website at or contact 22205000.

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