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ACEMPI releases Electronic Money Glossary

The Association of Cyprus Electronic Money & Payments Institutions (ACEMPI) has released an Electronic Money Glossary.

As noted by ACEMPI: " Whether you are an entrepreneur or someone simply eager to enhance their financial literacy, this glossary serves as your go-to guide for understanding the terms and concepts of the Electronic Money landscape."

According to the association, this glossary aims to bridge the gap between the meaning of electronic money transactions and everyday understanding, providing clear and concise explanations of key terms and principles.

"In an era where financial literacy is a powerful tool for empowerment, this glossary empowers you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions of electronic money transactions. Whether you’re a student, professional, or curious individual, our Electronic Money Glossary is your gateway to understand the terminology, empowering you to navigate the dynamic and ever-changing world of money with confidence and understanding," ACEMPI says.

The dictionary is available for downloading here:

ACEMPI is dedicated to the promotion and development of the electronic money sector in Cyprus.

With a focus on strengthening collaboration with all stakeholders, ACEMPI offers a solid platform for partnerships and support.

Information on joining ACEMPI is available at:

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