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CITEA appoints a new Board of Directors

The Cyprus Information Technology Enterprises Association (CITEA), member of the Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB), appointed a new Board of Directors during its AGM on 24 January.

The new Board will serve the two-year period 2024-2025. The new members are:

Chairman: NetU Distribution (Demetris Nisiotis)

Vice Chairman: Powersoft (George Malekkas)

Members: Advance Business Solutions (Ares Anastasiades), AT Techdata (Stelios Kkolou), Capacitor Partners (Michalis Tyrimos), CDMA Services (Michalis Nicolaou), Cytacom (Angelos Kountouris), Deloitte (Yiannis Ioannides), Hellenic Technical Enterprises (Andreas Panayiotou), Kyndryl (Costas Petsas), Ralliton (Kyriacos Kyriacou) and The Magnet (Pericles Theodorides).

During the AGM, the re-elected Chairman Demetris Nisiotis referred to the CITEA Board’s work over the past year, presenting its actions and collaborations, as well as its contribution to its members.

The Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, Nikodemos Damianou, also addressed the AGM, emphasising the private sector’s significant contribution, as a close ally of the state, in the country’s digital modernisation.

OEB President Antonis Antoniou referred to an important initiative by CITEA and other agencies, including the deputy ministry, to launch the re-upskilling programme that is to start being implemented in the immediate future.

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