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European Commission finances project for mental resilience of youth in Cyprus

Health Minister Michael Damianos has thanked the European Commission for its decision to finance the project "Strengthening the Mental Resilience of Youth in Cyprus", and to provide relevant technical support to the Ministry of Health for the next two years, while he also thanked UNICEF, which undertook the implementation of the project.

The project is funded by the European Commission following a request submitted by the Directorate of Nursing Services of the Ministry of Health and its results are expected to contribute significantly to the development of the National Mental Health Strategy and the field of mental resilience of the young population in Cyprus. The total budget of the project, which will last 26 months, amounts to €500,000.

In a speech, read out by Director of Nursing Services Evagoras Tambouris on 24 January, the Minister of Health noted that one of the strategic goals of the Ministry of Health is to offer quality preventive care through the design, implementation and evaluation of preventive programs and the promotion of public health.

In Cyprus, he said, the progress made in the public health sector in recent decades is a very significant one.

Significant financial resources have been invested by both the state and the private sector. "However, in a society that is constantly evolving, creating new and increased health needs, we are obliged to further innovate and strengthen our services accordingly," he concluded. 

(Source: CNA)

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