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AGRIFISH discusses trade in agriculture products and EU agriculture strategy

Trade in agricultural products, the debate on the EU agriculture strategy and the proposal for a Regulation establishing the monitoring framework for resilient European forests were on the agenda of the AGRIFISH council which convened in Brussels.

Cyprus was represented by Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Maria Panagiotou.

An announcement says that the Ministers on 23 January discussed the future development of the EU's trade relations as well as EU trade with Ukraine.

Cyprus Minister advocated for ensuring a continuous, fair and rules-based food trade that promotes the EU's goals for food security, tackling the climate crisis, and sustainable development.

Panagiotou also stated that due to the current geopolitical situation, efforts to strengthen the sustainability of food systems should be intensified. She reiterated Cyprus' solidarity with Ukraine and supported the EU's efforts for unhindered food transport to areas in need.

In relation to the dialogue on the strategy for the future of European agriculture, the Cypriot Minister stressed the importance of security and stability, strengthening competitiveness and uninterrupted food production, indicating that strengthening support for farmers and rural areas must be reflected in all EU policies, taking into account the specificities of some member states.

With reference to the proposed regulation for the establishment of the monitoring framework for resilient European forests, Panagiotou noted that the system will contribute to strengthening the resilience of forests and to a better response to the ever-increasing pressures.

She supported Portugal's initiative to strengthen the resilience of water resources and water availability, considering that this will help to address the effects of climate change.

In a joint document, Austria, France and Italy raised the need to preserve primary food production, listing their concerns in relation to the artificial production of meat in labs.

Panagiotou supported the document and called on the European Commission to take these concerns seriously, with a view to protecting the environment and agricultural production in the EU, consumer health, and ensuring food quality and safety.

(Source: CNA)

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