Heroes Made Ltd taking its Social Emotional Learning platform across the ocean

Heroes Made Ltd, an education technology company providing Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) solutions for elementary schools, has launched its strategic expansion into the United States.

According to an announcement from the company, their goal is to bring to American educators and students a SEL platform that uniquely integrates digital interactions with traditional communication methods. The platform is expertly designed to engage learners fostering essential life skills and emotional intelligence through a blend of technology and human-centric approaches.

“Heroes Made sets itself apart with its remarkable simplicity. There's no need for time-consuming preparations, and educators and students can dive right into their engaging SEL lessons. What's more, each student gets a unique avatar, fostering a sense of individuality and promoting inclusion. The journey begins within minutes, making SEL accessible to all,” said Maria Lavithi Howard, CEO of Heroes Made.

Heroes Made

“The team’s USA phase one rollout plan includes tapping into elementary school districts throughout California, Texas, and New York. Once they set a firm foundation in these initial markets, more States and districts will be targeted and added to the plan. “Onboarding requires minimum effort from the schools and the platform is scalable and very easy to use by both educators and students,”added Andreas Panayi of KV Fund.

As of now, the platform includes over 210 customisable lessons, and new lessons are added monthly. The content for the lessons is developed by expert professionals that understand how to craft and deliver messages to young children that address vital skills such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills. “In addition to the wonderful lessons the platform can also provide insightful content back to the teachers like hero journals to gauge the emotional pulse of the class in real-time, data-driven assessments that provide tailored insights for each student, and a unique kid-authoring tool featuring student-created stories,” said George Tziazas, CTO of Heroes Made.

The platform’s expansion into the United States is particularly timely, with a growing emphasis and focus on SEL becoming an important component of school curriculums.

“Heroes Made is more than a tool. It’s an extension of our collective belief that emotional well-being is essential,” continues, Howard. “Our commitment isn’t just imaginative, it’s responsibly actionable. Through our platform, we are committed to helping set a new standard in education, ensuring that the next generation is equipped to face life’s challenges with confidence, empathy and thrive in an ever-changing world."

For more information or to request a demo, please email info@heroesmade.com

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