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Cyprus Aviation Association forms, joins Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Cyprus Aviation Association has formed and joined the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI).

According to a CCCI announcement, the new Association was founded on January 15. Its Statute of the Association has been approved and the Board of Directors was established with the following composition:

President: Antonis Christodoulides-Fly Modello (Royal Flight Center)

Vice President: Chrysostomos Chrysostomou- Avioneer Consulting and Services Ltd

Member: Chris Michael-Aviavortex Aero and Services Ltd

Member: Demos Ektoros-Pigeon Aviation School of Cyprus

Member: Filippos Georgiou -IATC Ikaros Aviation Training Center Ltd

Secretariat: Zak (Zacharias) I. Manitaras - CCCI

The main objectives of the Association are the development and cultivation of support and cooperation between its members, as well as the strengthening of their relations, the development of a spirit of solidarity and cooperation, the defence of common interests and management of relations, both among themselves and with the various government agencies such as the Civil Aviation Department and private initiatives.

It also aims to maintain a high level of professional services for the development, promotion and elevation of the sector’s businesses, to improve the professional level of Aviation Training Schools for pilots, engineers and cabin crew as well as related organisations, to ensure and promote the professional, economic and social interests.

The aim is also to promote and support projects, which will support the development of the aviation sector in Cyprus, with the ultimate aim of promoting Cyprus as an important global centre for the provision of aviation services.

The newly formed Board of Directors will focus its efforts on taking initiatives and submitting proposals to the Governmental, Legislative or other Authorities, for the establishment or amendment of the Legislation of the Regulations or the Standards that directly or indirectly affect the members of the Association in the conduct of their work, as well as in the association's participation in decision-making centers related to the Aviation profession, the announcement concluded.

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