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Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus’ HR: “We are investing in the new era with modern-minded strategies”

With its certification as a “Great Place to Work®” under its belt, which is a culmination of the Group's long-term efforts for its people, the management of Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus, not only is not complacent, but is setting the bar even higher. Because, as the company's HR Business Partner Chara Leonidou points out, its efforts are always focused on creating a positive work environment that contributes to the well-being, satisfaction and overall experience of its employees.

From there on, it is committed to helping and reinforcing the education and growth of each employee individually, through the various programmes that it implements, listening to their needs and wishes. And all this, with absolute respect for all diversity and without a trace of racial discrimination.

What is the philosophy of Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus in terms of work culture and how does it promote the well-being and development of its employees?

At Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus, our people are the main ingredient for our success. In an ever-evolving world, we understand that people's needs in terms of working conditions vary. We, at Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus, essentially respond to this challenge for improved and better quality working conditions.

We are investing in the new era with modern-minded strategies, actions and initiatives that aim to further develop our work culture, to empower and support our people, so that they grow along with the organisation day by day. At the heart of this culture is the value of caring for our people, providing opportunities for continuous learning and professional development, and offering equal opportunities for all. The certification of our company as an employer of choice and “Great Place to Work®” is the result of long-term efforts by Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus to create a positive work environment that contributes to its employees’ well-being, satisfaction and all-round experience.

How do you interpret the results of the "Great Place to Work®" certification?

Great Place to Work® specialises in studying and investigating organisations’ work environments, with experiences of over 30 years that extends to more than 60 countries. This is a very important distinction for us, as it assesses the work environment through the perspective and experience of the employees. The certification will follow Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus, for the next year, until May 2024.

There is a new reality in the labour market that is forcing companies to step up their “employer branding”. What sets you apart as an organisation?

We constantly invest in upgrading the conditions and prospects we offer our employees. We are an organisation that encourages cooperation, open communication and mutual respect, while it appreciates diversity, encourages teamwork and provides opportunities for professional growth and advancement. At the same time, we take it seriously when further improvements are required so that we can meet our employees’ modern demands. Indicatively, our employees’ commitment index in our internal surveys is at 90%. With a commitment index of 90% from our employees, we are committed to continue to provide our people with a work environment that matches their professional and personal ambitions.

How does Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus manage diversity in the work environment and how does it encourage multiculturalism?

At Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus, we appreciate diversity and promote multiculturalism through policies that enhance mutual respect and cooperation. We are convinced that diversity encourages innovation and contributes to the creation of a rich work environment.

How does Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus promote its employees’ professional growth and what advancement opportunities are there within the company?

Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus is committed to promoting its employees’ professional growth through various training and development programmes. The employees have access to advancement opportunities in all the countries that Coca-Cola HBC group is active in, further enhancing their careers based on their individual ambitions and skills.

It is through targeted actions and also the appropriate modern tools that the empowerment of employees is enhanced and equal opportunities are offered to all. This is achieved through the implementation of rapid development programmes that align with people's personal development and career plans.

What initiatives are you taking to promote gender equality in your workplace?

We make systematic efforts to achieve the target that we have set as a group for 50% of our managerial positions to be taken up by women by the year 2025. Our initiatives include empowerment and education programmes, promoting equality in the recruitment process, and structural changes to create an environment that endorses gender equality and recognises the role of women in managerial positions.

How important is safety in the workplace to you, and can you share some successful examples that prove this commitment?

Safety in the workplace is a priority at Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus and this is reflected in the recognition that we have received. We won the top award at the ministry of labour’s competition for best health and safety practices in the workplace for 2023.

Furthermore, at our water plant at Kykkos, we are now in our sixth year without any accidents that would lead to the loss of even just one day due to injury, making it a workplace that offers a high level of safety and protection for our employees.

What, according to the values of Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus, is the ideal environment for its employees?

Not just at Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus, but also across our group, we invest in human resources, in creating the best teams and developing them to create value in the market, for consumers and for society. The creation of an environment that allows its people to feel like members of a large family and to enjoy what they do, with the main priority being to ensure they feel safe, both in terms of their health as well as within the broader work environment.

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