bbf: The second phase of repair and renovation work continues at the Berengaria Hotel (pics)

The anticipated development of Cyprus’ most historic mountain resort, once called the “Jewel of Prodromos," the Berengaria Hotel, is now in the second phase of emergency repair and renovation work by the well-known residential and commercial developer, bbf: which undertook the mission of the ambitious project to restore the legendary Berengaria Hotel.

"The emergency repair works, which are currently in progress, involve the necessary repair on the interior as well as on the exterior of the hotel," Andronikos Spyrou, project manager of bbf: who’s overseeing the renovation of the "Berengaria" project, stated in a statement.

“Additionally, we are conducting a thorough cleaning and maintenance of the building's stone facade and the entire building, as well as repairing all damaged stone joints. As part of the second phase of emergency repairs for the building's maintenance and renovation, we will also be carrying out necessary repairs on the existing concrete structures, which include concrete reinforcement, structural work on beams and slabs across the two floors of the building, and addressing any other essential immediate emergency repair work, to restore them to their original condition," Spyrou mentioned.

“All of these procedures have received official approval from the Town Planning & Housing Department and the relevant authority in the conservation sector, ensuring that every aspect of the work is executed in accordance with the preservation and listed status of the esteemed Berengaria Hotel," Spyrou added.

“The revival of the Berengaria Hotel is undoubtedly one of bbf:'s most highly anticipated landmark projects. The ambitious development aims to restore the hotel to its former glory by seamlessly blending the past with the present. The Berengaria Hotel will once again become a distinguished landmark and a true gem of Prodromos,” accordance by M. Economides - M. Akkelidou Architects LLC, responsible for the project's study. ”The first phase of the immediate intervention works has already been completed. The second phase, projected to be finished by early 2024, is currently underway. At the same time, the studies of the team of consultants are progressing according to a timeline, with the completion of the Berengaria project expected by 2026”.

The primary objective of the restoration project is to preserve the building as a significant historical landmark while revitalizing the Prodromos mountains into a more attractive destination for both locals and tourists.

The revival of the legendary Berengaria Hotel will feature a wealth of state-of-the-art, indoor and outdoor amenities that will contribute to an overall pleasing experience for all visitors. The hotel suites are meticulously designed to provide an elegant and welcoming atmosphere for guests, offering all the comforts expected from a modern, high-quality hotel. Guests will also enjoy uninterrupted views of the lush forest and the captivating natural landscape that surround the hotel and unfold from anywhere throughout the premises.

The Berengaria Hotel is intended to become the ultimate destination for mountain tourism all year round, as it will offer extraordinary and unique experiences to its guests each season of the year, making it an ideal and must-visit mountain resort in the Mediterranean region.

Contact bbf: for more information on the Berengaria project

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