Inside the thrilling world of online trading and fintech at iFX Expo (video)

The glittering stage was set at the iFX Expo, an annual event of global fintech elites, hosted at the opulent City of Dreams Mediterranean. Over two days, this prestigious event played host to more than 4,000 attendees – C-suite executives, seasoned professionals, and fervent fintech aficionados. The sprawling affair offered a unique opportunity to interface with industry giants in the domains of online brokerage, Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs), payment service providers, and their affiliated services.

For nearly two decades, Limassol has assumed the mantle of a premier destination for companies operating within this ever-evolving sector. In the wake of the global tumult of 2020, online brokers have experienced an unprecedented surge in demand as the pandemic impelled individuals to turn to these platforms to mitigate financial losses. Since then, technological advancements, such as automation, have allowed the industry to offer convenience and accessibility to an increasing number of retail investors flocking to trading platforms while zero-commission trading has lowered the entry barriers even further. Increased awareness and education among investors about online trading platforms, coupled with the advent of copy trading – it allows novice traders to copy the trades of their experienced counterparts – has also contributed significantly to the industry’s growth. On top of that, cryptocurrencies have introduced new forms of trading and investing that challenge the traditional models of online brokerages. Following the FTX debacle -- a cryptocurrency exchange that collapsed into bankruptcy in November 2022, after facing a liquidity crisis, a criminal investigation, and multiple lawsuits -- the crypto landscape has experienced significant changes, with the one-stop-shop concept now challenged by specialised services for different aspects of the ecosystem.

Intrigued by this milieu, we embarked on a series of engaging dialogues with six prominent companies at the event: uQualify, Finvasia Group, payabl, ECOMMBX, Finery Markets and Match-Prime Liquidity. These insightful conversations delved into the essence of each company, the emerging trends poised to steer the trajectory of growth in their respective sectors, and their high expectations for the iFX Expo. Through these interviews, we endeavour to unveil the intricate dynamics of an industry that stands at the crossroads of innovation and financial evolution. Stay tuned as we release the conversations one at a time during the week.

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