Cyprus supports compromise on car emissions

Cyprus supported the compromise proposal put forward by the Spanish Presidency of the EU Council on the proposed Euro 7 regulation, during a meeting of the EU Competitiveness Council in Brussels, with the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Energy, Marios Panayides, stressing that the new rules should protect human health while ensuring the competitiveness of the automotive industry.

According to an Energy Ministry press release, during the Council debate, the 27 stressed that the proposed Euro 7 regulation on emissions and the longevity of batteries for motor vehicles will help ensure the proper functioning of the single market by setting more appropriate, efficient and long-lasting rules for vehicle emissions, ensuring a high level of environmental and health protection.

Panayides supported the Presidency’s proposal, and noted that new rules must protect human health and the environment, on the one hand, and ensure the competitiveness of the automotive industry and that vehicle prices will be affordable for all EU citizens, on the other.

The agenda of the meeting also included the review of EU legislation on industrial design and design protection, the role of competitiveness checks in the formulation of legislative proposals, as well as the review of EU pharmaceutical legislation from an industry and competitiveness perspective.

In the context of the discussion on industrial designs, the 27 underlined that the new revised rules will modernise the current legislation and establish a more accessible, cost-effective and efficient system for businesses, in particular for SMEs, as well as for individual designers, stressing also that this would also help to support the digital and green transition of European industry.

In his intervention, Panayides welcomed the compromise texts and advocated a swift adoption of the new rules. He noted that this would help to improve the conditions for innovation by businesses, especially SMEs, and thus strengthen competitiveness in the internal market.

On the issue of competitiveness checks, in the context of the recent communications from the Committee on the long-term competitiveness of the EU after 30 years of the single market, the 27 made particular reference to the need to reduce administrative burdens and the need to carry out checks on the competitiveness of the EU, especially for SMEs.

During this discussion, Panayides spoke in favour of a long-term strategy to secure opportunities for investment and job creation in the EU, recognising the particular importance of competitiveness checks. He also welcomed the "SME relief package" recently announced by the Commission.

During the Council, Austria and Germany raised the issue of protecting EU industry and competitiveness in the context of the currently discussed revision of EU pharmaceutical legislation. Panayides stressed that the priority in this discussion should remain th equal and timely access to medicines for all EU patients.

(Source: CNA)

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