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Columbia Beach Resort showcases art by Nicholas Ladommatos (pics)

Columbia Beach Resort has adorned its walls with the work of local artist, Nicholas Ladommatos, in a landmark and exclusive showcase.

Occupying the space outside of the five-star resort’s regal Oval Ballroom, in the Oval Gallery, Ladommatos’ collection features fine art prints on canvas, built upon the foundational theme of ‘By the Sea’.

Guests on 8 September gathered to view the results of the inspiration felt by the homegrown artist, who has been channelling his fascination with the sea into his artwork since 2016, against the backdrop of a chic cocktail reception, complete with music, gourmet canapés, and delectable wine options.

Commenting on his inspiration, Ladommatos pointed to the sea’s duality, its calmness, and wildness, how soft and soothing the waves can be, versus the aural onslaught of stormy waters. “This is why I chose to capture the sea on canvas,” Ladommatos explained, “The sea symbolises progress and dynamism”.

Elaborating on his artistic choices, Ladommatos continued, “Most of the artwork featured in the collection falls within the realm of realism, but some pieces are in abstract form, portraying the energy of the waves, rising and falling.”

Having used resin on canvas, pigments, acrylics, and vitrail, Ladommatos described the multi-layering process involved in bringing some pieces to life, “There is no use of a brush, just torching, and moving the canvas while the resin is still liquid”.

Commenting on the event, Anthea Vikis, Marketing Manager of Columbia Beach Resort, shared, “We are very proud to have been able to host Mr. Ladommatos’ exquisite artwork. A local artist, Mr. Ladommatos embodies the very culture of Columbia, which is focused on celebrating and championing homegrown talent.”

Vikis continued, “Hosting such events also enables us to add a unique element to our guests’ stay, bringing them closer in touch with the essence of Cyprus.”

The exhibition will be open until 31 October, 2023.

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