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The brands leading the Cyprus car market amid 30% registration boom

There was a 30% growth in the registration of saloon passenger cars in the first eight months of 2023, with numbers reaching 23,777 from 18,445 in the corresponding period last year.

Of these, around six in ten concerned used car registrations and four in ten new car registrations while there was a leap in the registration of rental cars in particular, at a rate of 40.5%, with 4,405 registrations. Rental cars are also considered to be those that are offered for long-term leasing.

Entire passenger saloon car market

Private passenger saloon car registrations stood at 19,227 for the period January - August 2023.

The lead in total registrations was maintained by Toyota, with 3,937 registrations.

Mazda is next, with 2,403 registrations, while Nissan ranks third, with 1,918 registrations.

In fourth and fifth place are Mercedes (1,288) and BMW (1,265) respectively.

Kia (878), Volkswagen (871), Hyundai (726), Honda (634) and Audi (541) were also in the top ten.

New passenger saloon cars

In the first eight months of 2023, the registrations of new private saloon cars stood at 8,145.

Concerning new saloons, the top spot was conquered by Toyota, with 1,042 registrations, while Kia is further behind, with 791 registrations. Hyundai (664) and Volkswagen (664) share the same number of registrations, while BMW (559) completes the top five.

The top ten of private new saloon cars also includes popular market brands such as Nissan (539), Mercedes (416), Audi (375), Mini (348) and Renault (314).

Used saloon passenger cars

Privately used passenger saloon registrations reached 11,082 in the period of January – August 2023.

In first place was Toyota once again, with 2,895 registrations, while slightly below came Mazda, with 2,312 registrations.

In third place was Nissan (1,379), fourth was Mercedes (872) and fifth was BMW (706).

The top ten list of private used saloons also included brands such as Honda (533), Suzuki (368), Volkswagen (207), Land Rover (205) and Mitsubishi (195).

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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