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Cyprus population has grown 9.9% in a decade

Cyprus’ population increased by 9.9 % over the decade from 2011 to 2021, according to the Census of Population and Housing 2021 that was recently released by Cystat.

As of 1 October 2021, the population in government-controlled Cyprus reached 923,272, from 840,407 in 2011. The total number households increased 13.7%, from 433,212 to 492,555 from 433,212.

Going by town, Nicosia made up 33.1% of the free areas’ households and 38% of the population, with 163,239 households and 350,824 individuals. Limassol held a 26.9% share of registered households (132,305) and 28.4% of people (262,236), while Larnaca had 82,233 households (16.7%) and 155,743 residents (16.9%).

The Paphos district reported 74,498 households (15.1%) and a population of 100,175 (10.8%), while government-controlled Famagusta had 40,280 households (8.2%) and 54,282 individuals (5.9%).

The highest increase in terms of both households and population were recorded in Famagusta, which saw them rise 18% and 16.4% respectively.

The second-highest population increase was observed in Paphos (13.5%), while the second-highest increase in households was recorded in Limassol (15.4%).

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