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Dmitry Bagrov: We aspire to drive digital transformation in various sectors and to support local businesses (vid)

Dmitry Bagrov, the Managing Director of DataArt UK, talks about the company’s commitment to becoming a key player in the local tech sector, the opening of its new offices in Larnaca, and the corporate philosophy that has put it on the list of the Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces.

A video featuring the Director of DataArt Cyprus, Ilya Aristov, created especially on the occasion of DataArt being chosen as a recipient of an 11th Invest Cyprus International Investment Award, can also be viewed below.

Congratulations on DataArt’s win at the 11th Invest Cyprus International Investment Awards. What does this recognition mean for the company?

This is a milestone achievement for DataArt. It validates our unwavering commitment to technological innovation and excellence and boosts our global visibility, solidifying our reputation as a reliable partner and industry leader. It also reaffirms the success of our investment in Cyprus, propelling our resolve to foster continuous growth and investment in our people, technology and services.

Could you share some insights into your decision to invest in Cyprus and the opportunities you have identified for growth? How do you define success in the context of your investment and business endeavours in Cyprus?

Our decision to invest in Cyprus stemmed from the country’s strategic geographical location, its robust infrastructure and its growing reputation as an attractive destination for technological development. The conducive business environment, the availability of skilled professionals and the Government’s supportive policies towards technology firms presented significant growth opportunities. Our success in Cyprus is defined by our ability to contribute positively to the local tech scene, while achieving our corporate objectives.

DataArt was ranked 56th, in Newsweek’s annual rankings for the Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces list. Can you describe the company philosophy that earned you a position on this list?

Earning a place in Newsweek’s annual ranking of the Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces reflects our people-first philosophy. At DataArt, we foster an inclusive culture that values every individual’s contribution, encourages continuous learning, promotes teamwork and nurtures innovation. Our commitment to employee well-being, professional growth and maintaining a healthy work/life balance has helped us build a supportive and engaging workplace.

In March, DataArt, reported $378 million in preliminary revenue for 2022. To what do you owe this success and how do you intend to capitalise on it?

I think it can be attributed to our focus on delivering high-quality, tailored solutions to our clients, our dedicated team of professionals, and our strategic decision-making. We plan to leverage this success to further strengthen our global footprint by hiring more talent, investing in innovative technologies and, potentially, expanding our reach in Europe and LatAm.

Are there specific reasons why you chose to open your new office in Larnaca? How does the city meet your needs?

Opening our new office in Larnaca was a strategic decision influenced by several factors. Larnaca offers a favourable business environment, access to a diverse talent pool and excellent connectivity. The city’s emphasis on technological innovation aligns perfectly with our mission and vision, making it an ideal location for our operations.

What role do you see DataArt playing in shaping the future of the local tech industry?

DataArt envisions playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of the local tech industry by serving as a hub for technological innovation and excellence. We aim to contribute to the local economy by creating job opportunities, fostering talent and promoting knowledge exchange. Furthermore, we aspire to drive digital transformation in various sectors and to support local businesses by offering state-of-the-art tech solutions, thus helping shape a robust and dynamic tech industry in Cyprus.

This interview first appeared in the July edition of GOLD magazine. Click here to view it.

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