Building land for sale by AstroBank

AstroBank has listed building land for sale in the districts of Paphos, Nicosia and Larnaca.

The Bank's listings include houses and apartments, office space, land, and commercial buildings. The available properties are located in urban and rural areas, providing prospective buyers with a wide range of choice to find the one that best meets their needs.

All listings are posted on the Bank’s website where people can browse by location, type, or price. Buyers can simply fill a contact form requesting more information about the property they are interested in. Below are some of the properties for sale:

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Residential Plot 574m2, Tseri, Nicosia Property Code: PIR222 Indicative price €127.000

The property is located on a hill in the Tseri area. It has a rectangular shape and flat surface with a façade of around 23m. Subject to VAT.

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Residential Plot 669m2, Aglandjia, Nicosia Property Code: PIR149 Indicative price €352.000

The plot is located 450m southwest of the intersection between Aglandjia and Larnacos Avenues, about 770m northeast of the Filoxenia Conference Centre. It has very good accessibility to the centre of Nicosia. The property has a rectangular shape, a flat surface, and a façade of 22m. Subject to VAT.

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Residential Field 5,017m2 at Yialia, Paphos Property Code: PIR142 Indicative price €368.550

The property is located in Yialia, about 400m south of the main Polis – Pomos road and approximately 2km from Latsi harbour. It has a regular shape and flat surface. Subject to VAT.

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Residential Field 7,154m2, Fyti, Paphos Property Code: PIR295 €282.500

The property is in Fyti and has a good size and shape with good views to the surrounding area. It has been divided into eight housing plots priced from €27,500 to €40,100 (final approval pending). Subject to VAT.

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Five Residential Plots, Psimolofou, Nicosia Property Code: PIR284 Indicative price €593.250

The property located within the boundaries of Psimolofou community and enjoys good accessibility to the surrounding area. The plots have rectangular shapes and flat surface. Title deeds have been issued. Subject to VAT.

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Residential Field, 1,700m2, Tseri, Nicosia Property Code: PIR368 Indicative price €241.500

The property is in Tseri, 160m east of Tseriou Avenue, in one of the most popular residential areas. It has irregular shape, smooth surface and borders a tarmacked public road with a façade of around 6m. Subject to VAT.

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Residential Plot, 525m2, Mosfiloti, Larnaca Property Code: PIR421 Indicative price €60.900

The property is in Mosfiloti, about 2km east of the Nicosia – Limassol highway, bordering Larnacos Street. It has a regular shape and flat surface with a façade of around 39m. Subject to VAT.

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Residential Plot, 1,022m2, Tala, Paphos Property Code: PIR428 Indicative price €177.450

The property borders Melissovounou Street and has a regular shape and a partly sloping surface with a façade of around 20m. It offers unobstructed views of the surrounding area and the sea. Subject to VAT.

Interested parties can find more detailed information and submit their bids on the AstroBank website

Contact number: 22575873

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