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RuesCineArt: The unique theme park in the works (photos)

RuesCineArt is the name of a unique theme park, much more than just an entertainment venue and with a Parisian touch, that businessman Marios Gavrielides is planning to create in Cyprus.

Gavrielides explains the vision behind this ambitious project in an interview with InBusinessNews.

As he said, the park will cover five separate themes to suit all tastes, whether it involves adults or children, and it will pay special tribute to Parisian culture as well as cinema lovers.

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Beyond the theme park, the project also includes hospitality venues and two boutique hotels that will be incorporated in the thematic neighbourhoods Little Paris and the New Orleans French Quarter.

Gavrielides also analyses the profile of the candidate investors that will bring the project to life.

Could you share with us what the project is about and describe it in the exact terms that you envisioned it?

My vision is to create an experience that cannot be found anywhere else, and share it with the world. An experience that will have a real impact on society, create progress and growth, and transform our world for the better.

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A world in which every visitor can express themselves freely and experience the feeling of freedom. A world full of feelings.

I envision the creation of a theme park that exceeds the traditional limits of entertainment; where the aim is to create an explosion of emotions in visitors, in a space that encourages them to explore, experience and express feelings that are often swallowed up by their daily life.

What exactly does the park include?

The park will consist of 5 thematic areas that will be connected between then, while at the same time stand out with their different character and unique aesthetic.

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Specifically, the parks 5 thematic areas will be:

Theatre/Cinema Palace

The Cinema Palace and Theatre will be the park’s reference point, hosting shows from European and international cinema.

It will also host cinema premieres and international film festivals, placing Cyprus on the map of international film festivals. Furthermore, theatrical, musical and music-dance shows will be held (such as Circus de Soleil, burlesque and cabaret shows) by famous teams from Cyprus and abroad.

The area will also include a smaller, vintage outdoor cinema that will mainly present movies from French and European cinema.

While visiting the Cinema Palace and Theatre, visitors will enjoy an all-inclusive experience with restaurants, bars and cafeterias designed to align with aesthetic of an old-style vintage cinema theatre.

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Amusement Park

This thematic area will offer visitors the experience of a classic, entertaining Luna Park, keeping adults, teenagers and children amused throughout their visit with plenty of unbeatable, unique and unforgettable experiences.

To this end, the Luna Park will include, among other, classical rides/games and outdoor activities for families with children, teenagers and adults, such as the big wheel, carousel, rollercoasters for children and adults, as well as thematic ghost trains for the bolder.

Furthermore, it will include arcades with video games and virtual reality games, as well as shops offering treats such as sweets and ice cream.

International Street Food Park

Small shops and canteens, vintage small and medium-sized trucks, small squares and cobbled streets, all illuminated by small and bigger lamps; smells and flavours that take you on a trip around the world accompanied by thirst-quenching cocktails and live music.

All the above make for a unique and idyllic space, where visitors can travel the world by using their five senses.

Little Paris

The Little Paris neighbourhood will essentially be a miniature of a classic Parisian neighbourhood, with its gourmet restaurants and patisseries, small galleries, cobbled streets with charming shops and small squares that are transformed into open-air studios hosting street artists.

The visitor will have the opportunity, among other things, to enjoy traditional French cuisine, French wine accompanied by cheeses and cured meats, hot or cold coffee accompanied by unique sweets in one of the shops that will make up the neighbourhood of Little Paris.

At the end of their day, visitors will then have the chance to stay at a unique boutique hotel, which will be a part of the French neighbourhood.

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New Orleans French Quarter

The New Orleans French Quarter will be similar to Little Paris. The visitor will enjoy the magic of the French Quarter with its unique architecture, the balconies with the hanging flower pots, strolling down the corresponding Bourbon Street, with its colourful lights, to the rhythms of jazz and blues music.

The New Orleans French Quarter will consist, among other things, of a classic French market, small and larger shops, restaurants and bars with live music as well as a French-style boutique hotel. All together, they will create a magical image.

The reference point of the French Quarter will be the well-known Bourbon Street, where various kinds of events will be hosted, such as carnival parades and international festivals of jazz and blues music.

Approximately how much area will it cover and where do you ideally envision it being created?

The total area it will occupy is estimated at around 50,000 square meters. The ideal location would be somewhere outside the urban areas between cities where the corresponding acreage is on offer. Specific areas are already being considered.

Can we assume that there isn’t anything similar in Cyprus?

There are many theme parks in the world and beautiful ones in fact, several of which I have visited. However, nothing like what we want to create exists anywhere in the world, especially in terms of the value it can bring to the public.

Who is the project directed at?

This project is aimed at people of all ages, genders, nationalities and social classes. Lovers of arts and cinema, music and entertainment, theme parks and entertainment, haute cuisine and street food.

People who love life in all its aspects and wish to have a unique experience in a journey of many and different emotions, just like life itself.

What can this project offer in general to society and its people, how can this be done and what is its value?

Through the creation of this specific project, I wish to meet the eternal need of man to evolve and discover things, either for himself or for the world in general.

People think they are free but in reality they are trapped in beliefs that are not a result of their own choices but of the environment in which they were raised.

All of the above results in us living in societies with people who are immature, fearful, miserable, guilt-ridden, without critical thinking. People who are afraid of getting wrinkled. People who are afraid to take life into their own hands.

Our goal is for visitors to experience feelings that they do not experience in their everyday life, to explore and express them freely.

What would the profile of a candidate investor to bring this vision to life?

We would like to attract world-renowned theme park operators and international film production companies leveraging their name and expertise, combined with people - visionaries who understand and hear our vision.

How much is the estimated cost of this huge project and on the other hand what profit could its future investor have?

The cost of the project is estimated at tens of millions of euros. Of course this depends on the value of the land and some other extraneous factors.

Participation in the project will bring significant and long-term financial benefits to future investors. Beyond the financial, future investors will enjoy recognition and moral satisfaction for their contribution to the realisation of a one-of-a-kind project.

How can the state support this project, taking into account the benefits it will bring to society? Will you seek to have contacts with government agencies?

The state can support the project by classifying it, first and foremost, in the category of special developments, bearing in mind the significant benefits that will arise through its implementation. In addition, it is necessary to facilitate and speed up the licensing procedures, always in accordance with the framework of the law.

Finally, equally important is the facilitation of attracting and hosting internationally renowned theme park management companies, essentially inviting them to develop economic activity on our island.

Bearing in mind the above, we have already started some contacts with government agencies, to highlight the importance of the project, while others will follow in the future, in hopes for their positive response.

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