Cypriot retail investors prefer investing in crypto rather than traditional assets, graphic shows

Cypriot retail investors prefer investing in crypto rather than traditional assets, according to a graphic prepared by data analyst Gilbert Fontana using data from the European Commission’s Eurobarometer.

Fontana’s graphic looks at crypto popularity amongst investors in the EU and compares exposure to cryptocurrencies relative to stocks, funds, and bonds.

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Topping the list is Slovenia, considered by some the most crypto-friendly nation in the world. According to the survey, 18% of the country’s population has some sort of investment in it. Cyprus also ranks high in its crypto-friendly rank with an investment figure of 13%.

What’s interesting about Cyprus is that it is the only EU country whose investments in crypto by retail investors are higher than those in traditional assets – 13% of its population has invested in crypto, as opposed to 10% that invested in traditional assets, as shown in the graphic below:

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Also notable is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which despite having a small population of 640,000 also has a strong reputation as a global financial hub. When it comes to crypto, 14% of the population owns or has owned the asset, relative to 36% for stocks, bonds, or funds.

In regards to the countries with lower levels of crypto investment, one observation is that they tend to be wealthier and more developed EU nations. Here’s how the nations at or below the 10% crypto-investment threshold rank:

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At the “bottom” of crypto interest are France, Germany and Italy, also the EU’s largest economies. At a glance, this might suggest that citizens of stronger economies invest less in crypto.

However, it’s important to note that the countries with higher levels of crypto investment tend to have lower levels of wealth on average. Though less of their investors seem to engage in crypto trading, countries like France and Germany might have more comparable levels of crypto investment on a pure dollar-basis.


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