Exness Legal Counsel: Working for a multinational company in the Mediterranean region is challenging and exciting

Robert Eder, Legal Counsel (Intellectual Property & Brand Protection) at Exness Global Limited shares his view of Cyprus in comparison to his native Hungary and other international locations he has lived and worked in including Germany and Greece.

Describe your current job in Cyprus.

My current job is mostly related to the management and strategic planning of Exness’ intellectual property portfolio, the coordination of intellectual property law-related legal proceedings and professional legal support on brand protection matters.

What led to your move from Hungary to Cyprus?

I moved to Cyprus, because I had previously lived in several countries in addition to my home country and I really missed that experience. Having mostly lived in Western and Central Europe, I found it both challenging and very exciting to work for a multinational company in the Mediterranean region. I also consider it a great opportunity for my two-year-old son to be exposed to a multicultural environment at such a young age.

How does the professional environment in Cyprus differ from that in Hungary?

Exness is an incredible company that provides a professional environment that very few companies do, not only in Cyprus but all over Europe. At the same time, I live in Limassol, which is a multinational city in terms of both culture and services, so this part is not so different from Hungary.

How do you view the business environment in your particular industry?

In terms of business environment, Exness is among the top international corporations and one that has also managed to incorporate the local influence of the Cypriot lifestyle; it is highly organised and professional, while people can maintain a healthy work/life balance.

How do you find working and living in Cyprus? How easily did you adapt to life here?

Before relocating to Cyprus, I had been told a lot about its relaxed lifestyle. After two months of living here, I can confirm that it absolutely exists! I find it a very fortunate combination to be working for a company with very high standards and, at the same time, leaving most of the stress behind.

  • Country of origin: Hungary
  • Job Title: Legal Counsel (Intellectual Property & Brand Protection)
  • Company: Exness Global Limited
  • Office Location: Limassol
  • Time in Cyprus: 2 months
  • Other countries he has lived/worked in: Germany, Greece
  • Favourite restaurant in Cyprus: The Village Tavern, Platres
  • Favourite bar in Cyprus: Not yet decided!
  • Activities he enjoys in Cyprus: Hiking, discovering villages of the mountains, relaxing on the beach.

This interview first appeared in the March issue of GOLD magazine. Click here to view it.

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