NAGA Video Content Manager: I converted 300 days of rain into 300 days of sun

Born in Poland, and also having worked in Ireland, Bartlomiej Chowanski shares his thoughts on relocating to Cyprus.

Describe your current job in Cyprus.

I work as Content Video Manager, in charge of video production for social media, sorting out materials and editing them, colour-grading video footage, correcting sound and ensuring that all the standards are met for social media posts. I divide tasks among the team and work closely with the motion-graphic department. I also shoot videos for events coverage or any kind of video-related projects in the company.

What led to your move from Poland to Cyprus?

I was working as a freelancer and I collaborated with NAGA on an event, during which I witnessed the dedication and commitment of the people working for this company. After that event, I was offered a position with NAGA in Cyprus and I accepted it straight away. By saying yes to the job, I converted 300 days of rain into 300 days of sun!

How does the professional environment in Cyprus differ from that in Poland?

I never worked in my industry in Poland but I have 10 years of experience in Ireland, working in a corporate production house. Irish people are not that different from Cypriots: both are easy-going and friendly but when it comes to the actual work, they show professionalism and dedication. I think that Irish people are more creative but Cypriots are more hardworking and you know what they say: ‘Hard work beats talent’!

How do you view the business environment in your particular industry?

Before coming here, I had no interest in stocks or cryptocurrencies and thought of NAGA as one of the biggest companies in Cyprus but, after a couple of months, I realised that while there are bigger companies around, they are not as successful. In my opinion, a smaller company operates better because people work closely and get to know each other better and eventually that makes for better communication and a friendlier work environment, which brings better results.

How do you find working and living in Cyprus? How easily did you adapt to life here?

I wake up every day and see the sun shining, which gives me energy and positive vibes that I want to share with everyone around me, although it gets too hot during the summer in some places! There is a good mix of nationalities coexisting on this beautiful island so you can meet very interesting people from all around the world. I’ll start language lessons soon to communicate better with the local people and those who don’t speak English, so I can crack a joke here and there!

  • Country of origin: Poland
  • Job Title: Video Content Manager
  • Company: NAGA • Office Location: Limassol • Time in Cyprus: 1 year
  • Other countries he has lived/worked in: Ireland
  • Favourite restaurant in Cyprus: Gyros Salonikiotikos, Paphos
  • Favourite bar in Cyprus: Chesters Bar & Restaurant, Limassol
  • Activities he enjoys in Cyprus: A sunny day on the beach with a mojito, practising drone skills, making music videos or short movies.

This interview first appeared in the March issue of GOLD magazine. Click here to view it.

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