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"Innovation of Smart Cities" Conference by Cyta and Logicom Solutions (video)

Cyta in collaboration with Logicom Solutions co-organised and presented the "Innovation of Smart Cities" Conference, focused on smart cities that leverage technology, data and innovation to improve the sustainability and quality of life of their residents.

The conference was held on Tuesday, 21 November 2023, at the Amphitheatre of Cyta's Head Office in Nicosia. The event was supported by the Municipality of Nicosia and the Smart Nicosia Project.

The conference was welcomed by the Smart City Project Manager of the Nicosia Municipality of Cyta, Andreas Makris and the Sales Manager of Logicom Solutions for Cyprus, Greece and Malta, Katerina Christofalou. Representatives of European smart cities, as well as Cypriot experts, spoke about the current challenges in smart solutions applications.

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Specifically, Martina Mihalkovičová, Project Manager of the Department of Innovation and Digital Services of Bratislava, presented to the audience the innovations of the Slovak capital, while Aik Van Eeneren, Director of Urban Innovation, Research and Development of the Municipality of Amsterdam, presented the digital city of the future. Dr Panayiotis Charalambous, Scientific Assistant Professor at the Centre of Excellence for Research and Innovation (CYENS), analysed the relationship between CYENS and Smart Nicosia, presenting the iNicosia virtual research and innovation platform, a vital component of the capital's digitisation. Finally, the Managing Director of Dextera Consulting, Yannis Drakopoulos, presented the development path of Smart Nicosia, explaining the vision and strategic planning, and referred to a multitude of smart systems that are planned. A panel discussion followed.

In a world where the citizens’ needs are constantly evolving, the shift toward a digital future is a necessity. The smart city representatives shared their knowledge and experience and mapped the field. Next in the pipeline are "smart country" projects, including the ambitious "Smart Cyprus" initiative that aims to raise living standards through various sectors, with all Cypriots reaping the associated benefits. Representatives of municipalities and other public and private sector entities related to the issue of smart cities were invited to attend the conference.

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