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Deriv plants 2,000 saplings for a greener Cyprus

Online broker Deriv recently donated and contributed to the planting of over 2,000 saplings in the Palodia region of Limassol, through the 'You Reforest Cyprus' initiative, powered by Green Shield.

Participating in this initiative represents a pivotal moment in Deriv’s CSR efforts, an announcement from the company, which has offices in Limassol, noted.

As noted in the announcement, Deriv, is a leading online trading company with a global presence spanning 20 offices. Deriv said its intensified commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the Cyprus office is a testament to the company’s dedication to making a tangible impact on society and the environment.


Geo Nicolaidis, Director, Deriv Cyprus, receives a commemorative plaque in acknowledgment of Deriv’s eco pledge

Geo Nicolaidis, Director at Deriv Cyprus, commented, “Tree planting transcends mere conservation; it is a significant investment in the future of our planet and a reflection of our dedication to sustainable growth for the world we all share. I am deeply inspired by the passion of my team and community, who have volunteered their time and efforts. In laying down these roots, we are restoring our forests and sowing hope for generations to come.”

Deriv’s CSR efforts are a continuous commitment. Following the initial success of planting 2,000 saplings, the company aims to plant an additional 3,000, reaffirming its environmental stewardship.

Talent Acquisition Executive Anna Themistokleous remarked, “Each sapling we plant is a step towards a greener future, reflecting our commitment to environmental care and community well-being.”

The company is also personalising its environmental efforts by adopting a tree to celebrate its employees' special life events, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Jean-Yves Sireau, CEO of Deriv, commented, “Our environmental efforts are intertwined with our team’s milestones. By combining ecological responsibility with employee recognition, we’re nurturing a culture of sustainability that extends beyond our company.”

Over the past year, Deriv’s CSR programme, ‘Deriv Life’, has been responsible for several significant initiatives, including sponsoring a prosthetic limb for Malaysia’s youngest elephant amputee. These actions reinforce Deriv’s dedication to CSR as a core aspect of its identity and mission.

To learn more, visit Deriv Life and the company website.

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