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Atterbury Europe announces traffic solutions for proposed Mall of Limassol

Atterbury Europe, a leading real estate development company, has unveiled a comprehensive plan for managing traffic in central Limassol, Cyprus, in anticipation of the proposed Mall of Limassol.

This initiative, it said in a press release, reflects Atterbury's commitment to not only enhancing the shopping experience but also to improving the city's overall traffic dynamics.


The proposed Mall of Limassol has been designed with a keen focus on traffic management, a critical factor in the planning and viability of any development. Roux Gerber, Head of Developments at Atterbury Europe, emphasised the multifaceted nature of traffic, encompassing vehicular, pedestrian, and delivery aspects. The plan ensures seamless access for all these categories, thereby enhancing the experience for tenants, customers, and the neighbouring public.


Atterbury Europe has undertaken extensive independent traffic impact assessment studies in collaboration with local authorities. These studies are integral to the development's design, ensuring that the new mall will complement Limassol's rapid urban growth without exacerbating existing traffic concerns.

Lucille Louw, Asset Manager at Atterbury Europe, highlighted the importance of ongoing traffic management for the operational success of the mall. Effective traffic management is likened to ensuring a healthy circulation in a living entity, where customers, tenants, and delivery systems interplay harmoniously.


The proposed traffic solutions for the Mall of Limassol are comprehensive, addressing various aspects such as parking management, customer circulation within the mall, and the maintenance of clear and efficient access routes. These measures are expected to not only cater to the mall's needs but also to alleviate some of the existing traffic congestion in Limassol.


Roux Gerber also discussed the mall's traffic solution in the context of Limassol's urban plan, noting that the mall's impact on traffic is significantly less than that of a high-density residential or mixed-use scheme. The development's design incorporates strategic solutions to optimise traffic flow, reflecting Atterbury Europe's commitment to community and environmental considerations.


In conclusion, the Mall of Limassol, under the stewardship of Atterbury Europe, is set to become a benchmark in urban retail development. With its innovative traffic management solutions, the mall promises not just a superior shopping experience but also a significant contribution to improving the overall traffic situation in Limassol.

For more information on this topic go to: Navigating success: Comprehensive traffic solutions for central Limassol

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