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Environmental Care at AdTech Holding: Supporting Eco-Friendly Projects in Cyprus

At AdTech Holding, we do more than just provide top-notch advertising technologies. As a big brand, we understand that it’s important to make positive contributions beyond the business world. We believe that giving back to our local community is important, too.

This belief is core to our company, leading us to support and participate in different community activities. For the whole year 2023, we have been contributing to eco-activities in Cyprus. Our efforts include everything from blood donation drives to environmental care and awareness events.

We will definitely continue to actively support the Cyprus environment in 2024 and have already planned another clean-up event with the City Friends Club in February.

Limassol Green Space Expansion: Opening New Eco-Friendly Area

AdTech Holding recently took part in a collaborative venture with the Limassol city administration and its Greenery Department. Together, we dedicated efforts to converting a barren area adjacent to our office into a vibrant, eco-friendly zone.


Progress: The work begins on our new green space.

On the 2nd of December, the event marked not just the inauguration of a new green lung for the city but a celebration of collective environmental stewardship. Alex Vasekin, our CEO, joined hands with Nicos Nicolaides, the mayor of Limassol, Stavros Ioannides, the Head of the Greenery Department, colleagues, and landscaping professionals to plant fresh saplings.

Opening Day

Opening Day: Leaders and team members planting the seeds of tomorrow.

This endeavour, driven by a vision to foster a safer and healthier Cyprus, was set in motion by the city of Limassol and received full support from AdTech Holding. As Alex Vasekin eloquently stated, "We're all driven by the meaningful impact our actions today have on the future of our island."

The Transformation

The Transformation: A stark contrast of progress, from barren to bountiful.

These pictures clearly show the dramatic change we can make in our environment, turning empty spaces into thriving areas full of life and greenery.

AdTech Holding’s Commitment to Cyprus’s Ecosystem: A Summary

Our ecological initiatives extend well beyond the recent tree-planting event. Upholding the cleanliness and safety of our hometown is a core principle of ours, driving us to seek out and engage in meaningful environmental work.

Below is an overview of our recent contributions to the island's ecological well-being:

● In March 2023, in collaboration with our ally, the City Friends Club, we organised a beach clean-up at Svenja Beach in Pyrgos, a beloved recreational spot near Limassol. Our team members came together to clear litter from the beach and surrounding areas, successfully collecting 57 bags of recyclable materials and filling two large trash containers, which were subsequently recycled.

● Come September 2023, we rolled up our sleeves for another clean-up, this time at the Kouris Reservoir coastline. Our joint efforts with the City Friends Club resulted in 150 bags of trash being removed, significantly benefiting the local marine life and ecosystem.

● Beyond the clean-ups, we've turned our attention to the pressing issue of stray animal overpopulation in Cyprus. The AdTech Holding team visited Malcolm’s Cat Shelter to contribute a donation, supporting vital services such as cat sterilisation.

● Our support also extends to Sirius Dog Sanctuary, a haven for over 150 stray dogs in need of care, nutrition, and medical treatment. Beyond financial assistance, we leverage our social media presence to highlight the stray animal issue to the wider Cypriot community.

● Another innovative venture is HackAdTech, AdTech Holding’s open hackathon event, which encourages bright minds to propose and refine ideas for a more eco-friendly and improved infrastructure.

During our last hackathon, participants competed in categories including ‘IT Solutions to Enhance Life in Cyprus’. One team received accolades from the City Friends Club for their prototype app designed to help track lost and found pets. Another winning project focused on addressing the garbage crisis in Cyprus, demonstrating our commitment to tackling environmental challenges through technological innovation.

Sustaining an Eco-Conscious Culture: Daily Practices at AdTech Holding

At AdTech Holding, our environmental commitment goes beyond occasional events; it's woven into our everyday actions.

We're fully aware that our daily choices have a ripple effect on the environment, and we've integrated eco-friendly practices into our routine operations — this ranges from meticulous waste sorting in the office to using sustainable methods in data storage and advertising delivery.

Our daily eco-friendly initiatives include:

● Our team's enthusiastic participation in regular recycling and waste sorting efforts.

● Using energy-saving systems, sustainable materials, and cultivating green spaces within our workplace.

● Efficient data management protocols which involve purging unnecessary data to minimise our digital footprint and energy consumption associated with data storage.

● Ongoing updates to our ad delivery systems to ensure they are as fast and efficient as possible, thereby contributing to a more sustainable infrastructure.

Looking ahead, we are committed to backing more ecological initiatives. We are convinced that every action, no matter how small, contributes to a larger positive impact.

By persisting in these efforts, we aim to inspire and be part of a greater change, fostering a future where technology and ecology progress hand in hand for the betterment of Cyprus and our global community.

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