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Ascanio launches first mixed reality education platform in Cyprus and East Med

Mixed-reality software development company Ascanio has launched what the company has described as the first Mixed Reality Education Platform in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean.
According to a LinkedIn post by the company, “In cooperation with the Ephorate of Greek Schools of Nicosia, Pagkyprion Gymnasium, and a donation from Pouroullion Foundation we launched the first three Mixed Reality modules of Battle of Marathon, Aesop's Fable: The Fox and the Crow and Pythagorean Theorem. With these modules, we mark the start of adopting innovative technology in schools and give students the tools and knowledge to advance into the future.”
As noted by the company, “Our aim as Ascanio is to create experiences for students and mission-critical workers alike, by taking theoretical parts and transforming them into practical learning hands-on experiences.”

Ascanio is a mixed-reality software development company, focused on creating safer, scalable & real-time data training for high-risk and mission-critical professions.

The company aims to develop the next generation of field training solutions using cutting-edge mixed-reality technology and industry leading peripherals. Its solutions are aimed at public or private sector organisations with a critical need for training including military, law enforcement and first responders.

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