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Israeli technocrats in Cyprus for humanitarian corridor to Gaza initiative

A group of Israeli technocrats has arrived in Cyprus as part of the Republic's initiative for a maritime corridor for the supply of humanitarian aid from Cyprus to the civilian population of Gaza, according to Government Spokesman, Konstantinos Letymbiotis.

Speaking during his regular media briefing on 12 December, Letymbiotis said that the visit of the technical team from Israel was part of the technical consultations for the implementation of the “Amalthia” initiative, following two recent visits by a technical team from Cyprus to Israel.

The Spokesperson said that the Republic of Cyprus, has drawn up “a very specific plan” for the implementation of the initiative, which aims to deal with the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and which, as he noted, would “significantly strengthen the necessary provision of humanitarian aid to the civilian population”.

He noted that several States have already expressed their intention to assist with equipment and materials in the implementation of the initiative, with the first shipment of humanitarian aid already being stored in a specially designed area in Larnaca, ready to be sent as soon as conditions allow the implementation of the initiative.

Asked about what will be discussed with the team of Israeli technocrats, Letymbiotis pointed out that there have been two discussions so far and recalled that a group from Cyprus had been to Israel. The group, he said, will this time see the technical infrastructure in Cyprus and the points mentioned in the proposal for the humanitarian corridor.

The technical points that had been set are at an advanced stage of implementation, he added, noting that what remains now was the green light from Israel so that the initiative of the Republic of Cyprus, could be set in motion. The proposal also provides for the possibility of humanitarian pauses so that humanitarian aid can be delivered, he noted.

(Source: CNA)

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