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Cyprus Airways announces Summer 2024 flight schedule serving 19 destinations

Cyprus Airways has announced the launch of its Summer 2024 flight schedule, which the airline notes significantly expands last summer’s programme.

The seven-month schedule, which runs from end of March till October, will see the airline operate to 19 key airports, a relevant announcement notes.

With a planned programme of 58 weekly flights, the schedule offers over 342,454 seats to key airports including Athens, Paris, Dubai, Tel Aviv, and Beirut. The schedule offers customers three brand new destinations; Brussels (which was launched this week and will continue in summer), Barcelona and Geneva. More new destinations are expected to be announced soon, the airline adds.

The schedule includes up to twice daily flights to Athens, daily flights to Tel Aviv and Beirut, and three weekly flights to Dubai, Milan, Paris, and Brussels.


“We are happy to launch today our most ambitious summer schedule with over 40% more seats than we offered this year. Over the last months, we have worked hard to deliver a robust programme of flights connecting Cyprus to key international gateways. This schedule delivers a strong message of commitment by the Airline towards the local and international tourism industry and the economy of Cyprus by creating year-round connectivity making it easier to access the Island for business, leisure, and VFR reasons. This schedule focuses on Cyprus’s core markets and is in line with our strategy of being a point-to-point carrier operating to major cities and airports while connecting to larger network airlines through our key interline partnerships and code-sharing agreements,” said Christos Limnatitis, Chief Commercial Officer of Cyprus Airways.

Christos Limnatitis, Chief Commercial Officer of Cyprus Airways

“Early next year we will double our Airbus A220 fleet with the arrival of two new aircraft. This aircraft offers our clients unparalleled experience with superior Economy and Business Class facilities, including large windows, a quiet cabin ambiance, and spacious seating with ample legroom. It is the most ecological commercial aircraft in its category,” Limnatitis added.

“We are looking forward to a strong summer offering great opportunities to travel to Cypriot nationals and residents, and also facilitating the holidays of hundreds of thousands foreign tourists coming to enjoy the Cypriot hospitality,” concluded the Airline’s Chief Commercial Officer.

All flights can now be booked through the airline’s website, call center and through travel agents worldwide.

It’s advised to book early, as the best prices are always booked first, Cyprus Airways notes.

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