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Ookla names Epic 'Fastest Fixed Internet Network in Cyprus'

Ookla, a global organisation for internet performance testing and analysis, has honoured Epic with a notable distinction- based on Ookla Speedtest® results, Epic has been awarded as the 'Fastest Fixed Internet Network in Cyprus.'

According to a relevant announcement from Epic, Ookla Speedtest Awards™ are presented to the top providers in speed who are determined using a Speed Score that incorporates a measure of each provider’s download and upload speed to rank network speed performance. Hundreds of thousands of user-initiated tests across Cyprus for the Q2-Q3 2023 period were performed, testing all fixed providers in Cyprus with Epic achieving the highest speed score.

This award reaffirms the superiority and reliability of Epic's Fixed Internet Network and is a testament of Epic’s commitment to offer its subscribers, both for home and business, the best fixed internet experience with incredibly fast speeds in Cyprus.

Referring to Ookla’s distinction, Epic CEO Thanos Chronopoulos, commented, “Our steadfast commitment to offering our subscribers an epic communication experience through our state-of-the-art fiber-optic network has brought us to the top with a major distinction from Ookla as the fastest Fixed Internet Network in Cyprus. Such an accolade from an internationally acclaimed organisation is a testament to our ongoing investment and hard work on the Epic Fiber Network, a project that is continuously growing and evolving. It is a further proof of Epic staying true to its commitment to pioneer advancements in telecommunications in Cyprus, bringing huge upgrades to internet speeds and maximising opportunities for both consumers and businesses, across both fixed and mobile services.”

“After conducting an in-depth analysis of consumer-initiated tests taken with Speedtest, Epic has been named the Fastest Fixed Internet in the Republic of Cyprus by Ookla's Speedtest Awards. This award is given to fixed internet providers that demonstrate exceptional speed and performance in comparison to other major networks in the market for Q2-Q3 2023. We are thrilled to acknowledge Epic for this achievement, which is the result of their unwavering focus on delivering a superior network experience to their customers” said Stephen Bye, President and CEO of Ookla.

Visit for more information on the Ookla’s Speedtest Award for the 'Fastest Fixed Internet Network in Cyprus,' including details on methodology and measurement results.

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