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Larnaca Tower: Planned Phoinikoudes tower enters consultation phase once again

Lanomex Development Ltd. is moving forward with the redesign of the multi-storey project, which it has been planning for at least five years in the area of ​​Phoinikoudes.

The Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the construction and operation of the "Larnaca Tower" integrated mixed-use development, which will consist of 28 floors, has been made available for public consultation.

The area covered by the project will amount to 3,150 sq.m., while the total building area will amount to 19,658 sq.m. and its total height to 109 meters.


The project will have, among other things, residential use, commercial use, dining areas, offices, and wellness/spa areas.

The owner of the proposed project is the company Lanomex Development Ltd

The application in question is the second submitted in recent years aiming to secure a planning permit within the specific blocks. It should be recalled that the first application concerned the construction of a 30-storey multi-storey building and a five-star hotel.

Although the Environmental Authority had decided that the project could be implemented provided that the relevant conditions were met, both for the construction phase and for the operation phase, Lanomex nevertheless proceeded to stop the work at the end of 2020.

The new application has been submitted since the project owner decided to proceed with a redesign of the project.


Residential use

Based on the environmental study, the proposed development will include one, two and three bedroom apartments, which are distributed on floors 7 – 28. Based on the design of the proposed project, 142 apartments are planned with a total area of ​​18,623 sq.m.

Commercial use

The commercial facilities of the proposed development are intended to operate on the ground and mezzanine floors. Their total area will amount to 993.5 sq.m.

Dining areas

The design of the proposed project foresees the creation of a dining area with a total area of ​​918 sq.m. The food court will operate on three levels of the building which will include the ground floor, mezzanine and first floor.

Office use

The creation of business premises is also planned, which will be used as business and open plan offices with a total area of ​​2,582 sq.m.

Wellness areas

The proposed project will operate two wellness areas with a total area of ​​1,468 sq.m.

Parking spaces

Based on the design of the proposed project, the owners also plan to create a total of 337 parking spaces with a total area of ​​12,570 sq.m. The parking spaces will be above ground and will be distributed on the ground floor and the first four floors of the building.

Green spaces

Green spaces are planned for the ground level of the development. The total area of ​​the green spaces will amount to approximately 50 sq.m.


Demolition of existing structures

It is noted that within the development plots of the proposed project, there are existing structures, the use of which is primarily commercial.

All the constructions that currently exist within the implementation blocks of the project will be demolished, based on the relevant permit obtained by the project owner from the Municipality of Larnaca.

Based on the building permit that has already been secured, the developer can at any time proceed with the demolition works, applying all the conditions contained therein.

Since some of the buildings currently existing on the plots are used by commercial businesses, the developer has decided to proceed with the demolition work after securing planning permission for the proposed project.

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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