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Cyprus' research and innovation strategy presented in Brussels

Deputy Minister for Research, Innovation and Digital Strategy Philippos Hadjizacharias presented Cyprus’ National Research and Innovation Strategy to his counterparts in Brussels during the Competitiveness Council of the EU.

Hadjizacharias presented Cyprus' strategy during a discussion on the use of research as a tool for economic and industrial recovery and resilience. Cyprus' strategy, he explained, focuses on promoting research in line with a 'smart specialisation' strategy and assessing the impact of public investment in research.


He underlined the need to establish an integrated approach, which would address the fragmentation of the research landscape, through the creation of clusters of joint research activity, which will promote the exploitation of research results in the real economy.

During the discussion on space, the Ministers exchanged views on the future of the European Space Policy and the EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence.


Hadjizacharias noted that the successful implementation of defence-oriented programmes will have positive consequences for a wide range of political and security sectors, including maritime surveillance, border management and air traffic management.

He also pointed out that strong cooperation between Member States and space actors with a common approach is needed, as well as serious investment and the development of an entrepreneurial space ecosystem in Europe.


Ministers also adopted conclusions on the impact of research and innovation in the policy-making process, conclusions on Space Traffic Management (STM) and a Council recommendation on retaining and attracting talent in the EU.

Finally, during the working lunch, the 27 exchanged views on the challenges in designing and implementing policies to promote gender equality and the involvement of young people in research and innovation.

(Source: CNA)

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