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OJO: Affordable Luxury

For 13 years now, Cypriot brand OJO, has been bringing us products that were always on our wish-list, close to our desired budget, combining excellent quality with price and redefining the term “luxury” in sunglasses and optics.

From the start of its operations until now, and despite its growth and development in various countries – it operates over 40 stores in Cyprus, Greece, Malta, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon – OJO has remained true to its ideas and philosophy, which is none other than “Everyone has the right to sight”. At the same time, it has managed to evolve year by year and offers not only products that follow the latest fashion trends but also excellent quality at competitive prices.

Innovation, high aesthetics and luxury

OJO’s main innovation all these years has been the way it designs and manufactures eyewear, using the latest technologies and frame materials in both sunglasses and optical lenses. These materials include carbon fiber (an extremely durable, lightweight and flexible material used in Formula 1), acetate (the hypoallergenic material combined with a handcrafted production process), TR-90 (an incredibly durable, flexible, lightweight and comfortable-to-wear material) and others, such as Bio-acetate S70, used in the production of its bio-degradable sunglasses series and OJO Smart Glasses with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, etc.

When it comes to optical lenses, in addition to its standard OJO Signature Lenses with all coatings and filters, OJO also offers other state-of-the-art types of lens, such as the OJO Signature Expression Lenses without any reflection, the OJO UV 420 Blue Block lenses with an integrated anti-reflection filter of digital blue light, as well as the new OJO Signature 3D multifocal lenses, which offer a unique visual experience to users.

Luxury at an affordable price

The differentiation of OJO lies in the fact that, in its stores (including its online store), it only promotes its own brand, so that it controls 100% of the quality, quantity, design, variety of models and colours, promotion and price of the final products. In all OJO product ranges without exception, there is direct cooperation with the production factories, which only benefits the customer.

OJO’s many years of experience in the field of optics have enabled it to understand and anticipate the needs of its customers, offering a huge range of quality products of high aesthetics at affordable prices. It has thus managed to establish sunglasses and optics as necessary accessories rather than luxury items, offering its customers the possibility to own more than one pair of glasses, enjoying more fashion and the ability to see a more beautiful world through their OJOs, always combined with the 1+1 Free OJO offer, which has become almost synonymous with its brand name.

Contact Information:

Address: OJO Sunglasses HQ - 6A Michael Giorgalla, Engomi Industrial Area,

2409 Nicosia Cyprus

Tel: (+357) 22447433



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