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Get ready for 'The Most Paradoxical Magical Festive Season' at Paradox Museum Limassol

The craziest time of the year kicks off with a series of events that will have you jumping for joy at Paradox Museum Limassol.

A super-Christmassy fairytale puzzle is ready to burst with laughter and magic, and we invite you all to be part of the most paradoxical Christmas adventure.

A beautiful Christmas fairytale puzzle that enchants all ages, unfolds at Paradox Museum Limassol. Your family is invited to a series of unique events that will illuminate your festive moments. Get ready to experience an unprecedented journey filled with joy and surprises.

Amazing theatrical performances, unconventional fairy tale narrations, and creative workshops are here to add a playful touch to the colorful holiday season.

The paradoxical magic begins on Sunday, December 3rd, at 11:00, accompanied by educator Eleni Papachristoforou and the Contemporary Children's Shadow Theater, in the show "Santa's Boots." Santa Claus is gearing up for an adventure where his boots come to life! A cheerful spectacle for the whole family, full of laughter and twists.

On Sunday, 10 December, at 11am, join Aphi Creative to create the most paradoxical three-dimensional trees in an educational workshop based on the famous "Sierpinski Triangle" by the renowned mathematician. The same workshop will be held on 26 December at 3pm.

The beautiful fairy tale continues on Thursday, 28 December, at 3pm. Renowned museologist Nasia Kelepesi from Theatroparty will bring to life a magical narration of Eugenios Trivizas' tale, "The Little Mouse That Wanted to Touch a Little Star." A fairytale journey with the most adventurous little mouse, featuring an interactive narration that will captivate you.

On Friday, 29 December, at 4pm, "Santa's Naughty Elf" has other plans for New Year's gifts. Come and find out together what will happen in the end, accompanied by educator Eleni Papachristoforou and the Contemporary Children's Shadow Theater.

Get ready to experience the magic of Christmas in a truly unique way! We look forward to creating unforgettable moments filled with joy and fun at Paradox Museum Limassol.

*Paradox Museum Limassol will remain open daily throughout the holiday season, including Christmas and New Year's Day.

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey?"

Paradox Museum LImassol

Limassol Marina, Trakasol Cultural Center


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Instagram: limassol.paraxomuseum

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