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A hundred Limassol residents join forces for their town

The ‘Organisation for the European Capital of Culture – Limassol 2030 candidate city’ held its first public consultation recently, and it was a great success.

The consultation, entitled 10 10 100, was joined by 100 residents of Limassol from all walks of life. The common denominator was their love for Limassol and the aim was to prepare the file for the town’s candidacy to become European Capital of Culture in 2030.


Attendees presented their own views, ideas and priorities for their town over the next decade.

The public consultation was the culmination of scores of meetings that have been held over the past few months to create the vision for Limassol’s future. Participants discussed the identity of a Limassol resident, the town’s rapid growth, its cultural heritage, public spaces, participation in decision-making as well as suggestions for various cultural activities.


Eleana Alexandrou, Artistic Director of Lemesos 2030, said the past few months have highlighted the Limassol residents’ desire to actively participate in affairs that have to do with their town. She added that the candidacy has provided an unprecedented opportunity for the town’s residents to come together like never before and prepare the proposal together.

Limassol Mayor Nicos Nicolaides thanked the attendees and said it was important to acknowledge the town’s advantages but also weaknesses, as he said the European Capital of Culture requires candidates to look at their town in a comprehensive way. He said he was convinced that Limassol wants and will win the title.

The 10 10 100 meeting was held in cooperation with the Cyprus University of Technology, whose students prepared a Poster and Modern Souvenir Exhibition and relayed their own experiences and views on Limassol.


The discussion was coordinated by Ria Alexandrou, Sara Mariza Vryonidou, Rania Iacovou, Marina Kakoulli, Eva Korai, Dara Milovanovic, Phidias Pavlides, Marina Pasia, Constantina Peter and Panos Hadjichristofi.

To connect with the Limassol 2030 Organisation, join the Facebook and Instagram pages at @lemesos2030 or the website

© Photos: Skevi Laou, Andreas Astanios, Katerina Kountourioti

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