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Cyprus art studios undergo digital documentation process

The process of documenting the studios of Cypriot artists has commenced, undertaken by the “Andreas Pittas” Art Characterization Laboratories. The initiative aims to prevent the potential loss of valuable elements within these spaces.

According to a press release from the Cyprus Institute, an artist's studio is considered a space where inspiration, philosophy, and the creator's contemplation merge with the practical aspects of art creation. Without the documentation of these artistic studios, there is a risk of losing crucial information about these creative environments, it is noted.

The “Andreas Pittas” Art Characterization Laboratories have recognised this need and have initiated the process of recording the studios of Cypriot artists, the press release says. The project intends to capture the usage, philosophy, approach, and creation process within the personal spaces of these artists.


The primary goal of the research is to capture a broad spectrum of elements related to the social and cultural environment of the artist, utilising interactive digital methods. The interactive documentation of the space involves a 360° panoramic camera and a series of interviews with the artist, contributing to the creation of a documentary. The documentary also aims to portray the atmosphere of the studio, with the artists presenting the space from their own perspective, the announcement says.

Notably, the Lemba Pottery studio of Georgios and Sotiroula Georgiades in Lemba was the first space where this approach was applied. Integrating traditional ceramic methods from Lapithos with contemporary techniques, Lemba Pottery emphasises the preservation of Lapithos' craftsmanship character, becoming a valuable repository of Cyprus' long-standing tradition of pottery.

The study aims to highlight studios as central to the study and interpretation of artistic creation. Future work includes the development of an interactive digital library with open access for the documentation and archiving of Cypriot artists' studios. The results will be accessible to researchers, art historians, and conservators interested in the preservation and interpretation of art.

The digital library will be hosted on DIOPTRA, the Digital Library of Cypriot Culture "Edmée Leventis," developed by the Cyprus Institute to support the study and promotion of Cypriot cultural heritage.

(Source: CNA)

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