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Invest Cyprus hosts event to boost US-Cyprus ties

Invest Cyprus hosted a landmark event earlier this week that brought together prominent figures and business leaders to foster stronger ties between the US and Cyprus

Key attendees included US Ambassador Julie Fisher, Deputy Minister to the President Irene Piki, Invest Cyprus President Evgenios Evgeniou, CEO Marios Tannousis and the President of the Aftercare Committee of the Board, Angela Panayiotou.


According to Invest Cyprus, the event provided a unique platform for US companies in Cyprus to engage in meaningful discussions about entrepreneurship, overcoming challenges, and seizing opportunities in Cyprus.


Representatives from US firms shared valuable insights and engaged in fruitful discussions with Cypriot officials. "This meeting was more than just talks; it was about building bridges and understanding the dynamics of international business in Cyprus," Invest Cyprus said. "We are proud to facilitate such impactful dialogues and look forward to more collaborative successes in the future."

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