Dr. Nakis Antoniou takes the helm of Larnaca Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Dr. Nakis Antoniou has been named as the new President of the Larnaca Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Chamber has also voted in a new Board of Directors with the new President and Board announced during the Chamber’s recent general assembly.

The new board also consists of the incumbent President Stavros Stavrou, Evaggelos Mouskos, Vice President of Commerce, George Petrou, Vice President of Industry, Floros Voniatis, Vice President of Services, Loukas Loukas Vice President of Tourism, Lazaros Hatziforados Vice President of Economy and George Katodritis as Honorary Secretary.

The new Board of Directors is also made up of Maria Miliotou, Zenonas Apostolou, Sara Gunnervik, Antonis Orthodoksou, Vera Dianellou, Theodoros Efthymiou, Andreas Stavrou, Giorgos Hasapis, Nicolas Kyriakides, Demetris Miskourides, Christos Skordellis, Valentinos Sotiriou and George Demetriou.

At the event, outgoing President Stavros Stavrou, who has announced he will be running for the leadership of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, noted that Larnaca’s tourism product would be further enriched by the construction of new developments over the coming years.

Speaking after leading the Larnaca Chamber for six years, Stavrou made an extensive reference to what has been achieved and is planned for the city and province of Larnaca.

On the positive side, he noted the greatly enriched portfolio of the hotel industry in the city and the countryside, which is being upgraded through the developments under construction as well as those planned for the next three years. The developments are expected to exceed 3,000 beds, while several of the new units will bear the name of well-known international hotel giants, he pointed out.

Stavrou also referred to the implementation of the three biggest projects that Larnaca has always had on its agenda, such as the removal of oil tanks and gas facilities in conjunction with the lifting of the SEVESO Directive, the construction of the Larnaca-Dekelia road, which is in the process of being implemented, the development of the port - marina which is progressing despite various difficulties. He also made special mention of the implementation of state-of-the-art infrastructure from private funds by the Consortium consisting of the companies Petrolina, EKO, Intergaz, and Synergaz in the Vassilikos area.

Stavrou, in addition, referred to the projects anticipated by the Municipality of Larnaca and in which there is an expectation for the regeneration of the "declining" shopping center of the city. He also made special reference to the remarkable work carried out by CMMI Centre of Excellence in Marine and Maritime Research, Technology Development, and Innovation.

Commenting on negative developments, Stavrou referred to the finding of specialised staff but also the general lack of staff, the increase in lending rates, and the big problem that the Green Line creates in the trade and industry sectors. At the same time, he emphasised the serious negative effects arising from Public Administration and the delay in the green transition as, in combination with the increases in the price of oil, they bring about successive increases in the cost of energy.

Stavrou also referred to Halloumi, which, as he said, "is the biggest export product of the province.” “The issue with the Halloumi File and the quotas must be closed soon as it is a wound that will not heal and whose current situation only brings about negative effects," he noted.

After stating that "it was an honor for him to have been a part of the history of the Larnaca Chamber of Commerce and Industry so far", he noted that everyone should support the positions for the development of entrepreneurship and the progress of both Larnaca and Cyprus more dynamically.

For this reason, he said, he will claim the position of the President of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a position from which he believes he has a lot to offer for business and society, "since the next three years are expected to be critical for the entire spectrum of the economy and society.”

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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