Hope For Children joins global call to protect children amidst Middle East conflict

As a humanitarian organisation dedicated to upholding children's rights and ensuring their protection, “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center is deeply saddened by the ongoing suffering and loss of innocent lives in Israel and Gaza, especially that of children, since 7 October.

The ongoing conflict in the Middle East has caused immense suffering and displacement for countless individuals. Cyprus, a neighbouring nation, has emerged as a vital crossroads for many seeking refuge and stability.

Andria Neocleous, Executive Director of the Organisation states: “Hope For Children recognises the urgent need to address this humanitarian crisis, and we are dedicated to doing our part. Also considering the efforts of the Republic of Cyprus to create a humanitarian corridor, we express our readiness to provide humanitarian support especially focusing on providing mental health services to the evacuated families using Cyprus as a transit station as well as to the children and families that will seek refuge in Cyprus.”

So far, thousands of people have been tragically killed, wounded, displaced, and nearly two hundred, including children, remain held hostage. There can be no justification for the harm or endangerment of children. We strongly condemn these actions and join forces with numerous organisations worldwide in calling for an immediate and complete ceasefire involving all parties.

We must always bear in mind that, in times of conflict and war, children are always the innocent victims, forced to endure unimaginable hardships. Every child has the fundamental right to live a life free from violence and fear, and it is the collective duty of the global community to safeguard this right.

Any delay in putting an end to this devastating conflict will have lasting and profound consequences for children, leaving them with deep psychological scars.

For more information or request for assistance, call 22103234.

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