What it’s like to work at Chrysostomides Advocates & Legal Consultants

In the legal profession, burning the midnight oil has long held sway, often at odds with the evolving paradigm of work-life balance. However, a wave of staff turnover, partly driven by cases of burnout, dissatisfaction and attrition among lawyers, especially at the junior level, has forced many law firms to recalibrate their strategies.

One such firm is Chrysostomides Advocates & Legal Consultants. Established in 1981, it has since been on a steady path of growth, adapting to every shift in the legal profession’s ever-changing landscape. Over the years, the firm has expanded its practice areas and the sectors it advises on, blossoming into a full-service firm. “At the same time,” notes Evelina Georgiades, Director at Chrysostomides Advocates & Legal Consultants, “we have never lost sight of the high standards we set for ourselves – that is, to go the extra mile in providing exceptional services and solutions for our clients.” Remarkably, despite the profound human capital disruption of recent years, the firm has maintained a stable workforce with some 80 employees on the payroll.

Instrumental to weathering the storm has been the firm’s overarching vision to cultivate an environment where work is not just a duty but a labour of love. This ethos is interwoven with a commitment to foster personal and professional development through challenges and collaboration. “We are proud to support our members throughout their careers, nurturing individual talent and laying the foundations for their next role and its responsibilities,” Georgiades says. This nurturing process encompasses legal, leadership and skills development, catering to both legal professionals and operational members, via conferences, webinars, courses and bespoke learning, among others. Georgiades explains that mentoring is an inherent part of the internal career development programme at Chrysostomides. The dividends of mentorship are manifold, fostering a culture of mutual learning and giving rise to an engaged collegial work environment that sustains the firm’s values.

Undoubtedly, those core values have been the bedrock of its success. Distilled into a people-centric focus, they have remained immutable since the firm’s inception, seeping deep into the very fabric of its culture and philosophy. Georgiades highlights the fact that the firm’s organisational structure and work methodologies organically encourage collaboration both within and between departments. “As does our ‘open-door’ policy,” she adds. The mentoring programme and targeted team-building events are a testament to the firm’s dedication to maintaining open communication channels among its people as a conduit for creating cross-generational bonds, cementing the spirit infused within the firm’s environment.

The legal profession is notorious for its demanding hours but Chrysostomides has taken a proactive stance in prioritising wellbeing, constantly re-evaluating policies and ways of working. One example is the introduction of flexible working arrangements, with additional flexibility for new mothers, which also helps support the retention of new parents. “We make a conscious effort to organise out-of-work events for our members and promote a friendly and sociable culture at the firm,” she underscores. In 2023, the firm introduced an online weekly ‘mobility in the workplace’ session for all its members with a qualified trainer to help loosen up stiff muscles and joints caused by many hours of sitting in front of a PC. In addition, the staff benefit from provident fund contributions by the firm, a weekly delivery of fresh fruit to the office, theatre tickets, ice cream on demand on warm summer afternoons and participation in charity events.

In 2022, Chrysostomides launched a new Performance Evaluation System (PES). Based on a customised competency framework, as well as role-specific competencies and KPIs, the PES is in itself an employee-feedback-driven change. The system also evaluates employee satisfaction and engagement, both formally and informally, through check-in meetings of appraisers and appraisees. Recent changes implemented as a result of employee feedback include increased flexitime, and internal organisational and role revisions.

“For our founders, the firm’s members were not just employees; they were part of the Chrysostomides extended family. These values continue to form an integral part of the firm’s DNA,” Georgiades tells GOLD. “Coupled with the firm’s global footprint, replete with opportunities to work on diverse and high-stakes matters, we believe that all this leads to happy employees, who are passionate about their job and proud of where they work!”

(Photos by Michalis Kyprianou)

This article first appeared in the October edition of GOLD magazine. Click here to view it.

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