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Cablenet doubles its employee satisfaction index

“Over the past year, we managed to double our employee satisfaction index. By setting a high bar for internal quality, developing a strong company culture based on our values, and conveying to staff members our vision and customer-centric philosophy, we concurrently managed to achieve a significant increase in our subscribers’ satisfaction level,” stated Cablenet’s Chief HR Officer Chrystalla Karagiorgi.

Cablenet’s ‘For a better life’ commitment starts and ends with company employees, its own people. In her remarks, Ms Karagiorgi emphasised the importance of providing a unique working environment. “We stand out due to the high quality of our services and the unique customer service experience we provide via our experienced and qualified staff. Our people define the company’s success and give value to our business strategy, which is why our employees’ satisfaction is an extremely important facet of our business activity.”

Cablenet employees experience a work environment that encourages initiative, trust, professionalism and recognition. “Friendliness and simplicity are constituents of our development and success. Steering clear of complicated procedures and adopting effective and current methods, our people are able to communicate easily, work effectively and tackle challenges successfully,” added Ms Karagiorgi.

Cablenet provides opportunities for advancement and professional growth, offering its people the chance to assume various roles during their career and gain extensive experience, knowledge and abilities. There have been many company employees who were promoted internally to other positions and have continued to develop, achieving an interesting career path. Specifically, over the past 12 months, approximately 20% of company staff were promoted to new positions.”

Ms Karagiorgi notes, “It is particularly important to us that we see our people evolve and we have never stopped giving everyone the opportunity to do so. We significantly and regularly invest in our team’s training, aiming to increase its abilities and knowledge on both a professional and personal level. We combine different types of training and use the most advanced methods and practices, such as the use of asynchronous means. At the same time, we provide the opportunity for certification, primarily in the technological sector, which we consider a necessity in our people’s development. Finally, we occasionally provide full or partial scholarships and tuition fee discounts for various universities, thus additionally investing in our staff. This way, we can grow and evolve together!”

In addition, attaching great importance to recognition and appreciation, Cablenet has proceeded in creating an alternative yet simple Professional Recognition, Appreciation and Reward Programme. In explaining the scheme, Ms Karagiorgi notes, “Any employee can give kudos to any other coworker as a mark of recognition and appreciation. Via the Kudos Programme, we aim to share and acknowledge unknown, significant, daily instances because, while some commendable actions of professionalism and collegiality are easy to recognise and reward, others are harder to spotlight. At Cablenet, we aim to reward all activities because they are important to us, just like our people! We want these unknown activities, ideas, both large and small achievements, daily actions by our people that make us proud to have the recognition they deserve! Because every good idea, activity and behaviour should be highlighted and rewarded immediately and systematically!”

People and their support at both a professional and personal level are a priority. “Physical and mental health are at the top of the list of our priorities. Through various initiatives and activities, we ensure the creation of a suitable work environment, where our staff can ensure professional and personal wellbeing, i.e. an improvement in the quality of life at both a professional and personal level, recognising that the two are intertwined with pressing demands. Specifically, over the past few years, driven by a desire to satisfy the different but simultaneously important needs of our people and their families, we began organising a series of lectures by scientists and specialists on medical matters, correct nutrition, and physical and mental health. Equally important were the lectures given by a distinguished associate professor on the subject of Financial Literacy that, among others, aimed to assist our employees in making correct financial decisions, such as those associated with loans, investments or savings.”

Privileges and benefits are therefore provided, aiming to enable balance between work, family life and free time. Specific practices have been adopted in order to ensure this, such as working hours, telecommuting, marriage leave, reduced working hours during a child’s first week of the first year of primary school, family-focused activities and events, and various other facilities. “At Cablenet, we don’t just support working mothers but working fathers too, aiming for gender equality without discrimination or stereotypes.”

In addition, great importance is attached to healthcare for employees and their families, alongside other savings and insurance provisions. Benefits are not limited to these as Cablenet offers gifts for significant moments in its staff’s personal lives, as well as free services and other discounts in collaboration with shops, restaurants and gyms for all employees. Charity events are organised where Cablenet staff are able to actively participate and contribute to society, including tree planting, food and clothing drives, and charity bazaars.

“At Cablenet, we also ensure that we have a lot of fun! Various company events, such as the annual and summer parties, events for the whole family and frequent team building activities strengthen social interaction, cooperation and communication." In concluding, Ms Karagiorgi noted, “We believe that the image we as a company and an employer have managed to create, attracts talented and active persons who want to be part of a dynamic and evolving team.”

New job opportunities are regularly posted on Cablenet’s website Join Our Team - Cablenet Communication Systems PLC and people who would like a career in Telecommunications, in a modern and continuously developing environment, are encouraged to join the Cablenet team.

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