Popular Larnaca hotel to be transformed into Palm Beach Resort (pics&vid)

The Palm Beach Hotel & Bungalows in Larnaca will be renewed and upgraded as part of its transformation into the Palm Beach Resort.

The brand-new Palm Beach Resort will consist of, among other things, a five-star hotel, private residences, high-end culinary delights, and state-of-the-art sports facilities.

The Quality Group is proceeding with the renovation, upgrade, and enrichment of the well-known hotel towards turning it into a luxury resort. The construction work is being undertaken by N. Psaras Construction.

The Environment Department in June gave the green light for changes to the existing hotel unit, which include, among other things, the construction of two new residential buildings and a new restaurant.

In brief, the project includes the construction of new accommodation, the upgrading of existing units, and the construction of new, enriched catering and entertainment units.

As emphasised in the Environmental Authority’s opinion of the project, the works concern, among other things, the conversion of the existing 40 bungalows, the large swimming pool, and common areas into 25 independent bungalows with a private pool, the demolition of the cafeteria and the construction of a wellness center (spa), as well as the construction of an outdoor, themed restaurant in the hotel gardens.

The additional conversions also include the demolition of part of the north wing of the hotel for the construction of the Residence Tower building with a basement, ground floor, and nine floors, which will have 56 apartments, the conversion - extension of the existing restaurant and renovation of exterior spaces, as well as the construction of a four-story condominium block, with 28 condos and an indoor pool in the basement.

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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