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Circular economy proposal submitted for bulky object collection

A proposal has been submitted for funding of a project for the collection and transportation of bulky objects and electrical appliances as well as other actions aimed at promoting a Circular Economy.

The proposal, which was submitted by the Community Council of Trachoni (project coordinator), together with the Community Council of Asomatos and the Limassol Greens golf resort, follows the second call for expression of interest in implementing circular economy and other environmentally friendly actions, by the Local Action Group of the Limassol District Development Agency (ANELEM).

The proposal includes actions such as the collection and transport of bulky objects and electrical appliances, dissemination of information instructions to the local population about the necessity of reusing objects and the creation of special software and application. The idea is that, with the use of a special electronic application, the local population will inform the Local Authorities so that they can proceed with the collection of such objects.

At a later stage, Project Partners will evaluate the objects and if they need repair, this will be done and returned to groups of the population who are in need of such.

The total cost of the project is €50,000 and includes the purchase of a special vehicle, the creation of a special platform and software, as well as actions to raise public awareness about the reuse process. The proposal is currently in the process of being evaluated by a special committee of ANELEM.

The Trachoni and Asomatos communities decided to take these measures to tackle environmental pollution, based on the provisions of the relevant Regulation and the most recent EU Directive on waste. The EU's objective is waste prevention, which refers to measures taken before a substance, material or product becomes waste, that reduce the amount of waste by reusing or extending the lifetime of products.

In the same context, is the reduction of the negative impact of waste generated, on the environment and human health, as well as of the content of hazardous substances in materials and products. Reuse is an important concept for the ReUSE Smart Partnership Proposition, which means any operation whereby products or components that are not waste, are reused for the same purpose for which they were designed. In addition to reuse, the Proposal includes any recovery operation by which waste is transformed back into products, materials or substances, intended either to serve its original purpose again or for other purposes.


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