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Amazon Web Services to launch AWS European Sovereign Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company has announced the launch the AWS European Sovereign Cloud, a new, independent cloud for Europe.

According to the company, the AWS European Sovereign Cloud has been designed to help public sector customers and those in highly regulated industries meet the most stringent regulatory data residency and operational requirements.

Located and operated within Europe, the AWS European Sovereign Cloud will be physically and logically separate from existing AWS Regions, with the same security, availability, and performance of existing AWS Regions, giving customers additional choice to meet their data residency, operational autonomy, and resiliency needs, a press release notes.

The AWS European Sovereign Cloud will launch with its first AWS Region in Germany and will be available to all European customers. Visit to learn more.

As with existing AWS Regions, customers will have the control and assurance that AWS will not access or use customer data for any purpose without their agreement, as well as access to the strongest sovereignty controls among leading cloud providers, the company notes.

It adds that only EU-resident AWS employees who are located in the EU will have control of the operations and support for the AWS European Sovereign Cloud.

The company also noted that, for customers with enhanced data residency needs, the AWS European Sovereign Cloud will allow customers to keep all metadata they create (such as the roles, permissions, resource labels, and configurations they use to run AWS) in the EU, and will feature its own billing and usage metering systems.

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