Limassol port: The ideal service centre for the region’s oil and gas operations

With demand for natural gas and alternative energy sources on the rise, Cyprus’ location at the crossroads between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, affords it all the natural advantages and potential of becoming a key energy hub in the region.

Significant natural gas discoveries of energy giants in Cyprus’ EEZ (estimated at 12-15 trillion cubic feet) as well as the country’s plans to step up energy cooperation with Greece, Israel and Egypt, further reinforce the island’s potential in the sector.

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Operating the only terminal in Limassol port that offers exclusive integrated operations for the energy sector, DP World is a significant driver of growth for the energy and maritime sectors, as well as the island’s economy.

Cyprus’ increasing attention to virtual pipelines for the transfer of natural gas and the European Union’s endorsement of LNG as a transition fuel, means that integrated logistics platforms like ours will be vital in the region’s energy strategy.

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DP World delivers supply chain solutions for the energy industry that are more flexible, transparent, green, and cost-efficient. Our highly customised solutions for the energy sector create value by providing flexible, transparent, and cost-effective services to our clients, with an emphasis on the transition to green alternatives. Our logistics solutions support the development and production phases of the energy lifecycle, primarily to and from offshore fields.

At DP World Limassol, our multipurpose terminal provides facilities that combine integrated logistics services with dedicated areas for supply and service companies.

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We provide dedicated berths for oil and gas activities, ensuring seamless operations and efficient supply chain management.

We are also working with key partners, actively integrating fabrication services, warehousing, shore base support and marine services for our energy sector customers.

In addition, DP World Limassol has invested in assets and personnel expertise to facilitate mobilization and demobilization operations, allowing for smooth transitions and minimized downtime.

Our open bonded areas and covered storage/warehouses provide secure and efficient storage solutions for customers’ valuable assets. Moreover, the company’s dedicated office space and drilling fluid production facilities support the diverse needs of the industry.

DP World Limassol has provided support to several notable energy sector giants including Exxon, ENI, and Total, during exploration phases inside Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone, as well as logistics for projects in the wider region like Egypt’s Zohr and Israel’s Leviathan and Karish offshore fields.

We are confident in our ability to support Cyprus in realizing its ambitious goals and transformation into a thriving energy hub. At DP World Limassol we are committed to fostering growth, driving innovation, and creating even more sustainable opportunities with our public sector and energy sector partners. Together, we are building the platform for Cyprus to establish itself as a prominent player in the Mediterranean energy landscape.

Simon Pitout, CEO, DP World Limassol

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