CySEC joins global campaign World Investor Week 2023

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) announced it will be participating in World Investor Week 2023 (WIW2023) on 2-8 October, a global initiative that unites Regulators from more than 100 countries across six continents, alongside 12 regional and international organisations.

WIW2023 is an annual, week-long event promoted by the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). The event, which celebrates its seventh edition, is scheduled to run from 2 to 8 October, although participating jurisdictions may conduct their WIW-related activities any other week in October and/or November. The primary aim is raising awareness of the importance of financial education to enhance retail investor protection worldwide.

This year’s campaign focuses on three main themes: Investor Resilience, Crypto Assets, and Sustainable Finance, which the IOSCO Board has identified as particularly relevant to current and anticipated trends in global markets.

Other important themes cover Frauds and Scams Prevention, Basics of Investing, Technology and Digital Finance.

CySEC has been an enthusiastic participant in World Investor Week since 2019, through various initiatives aimed to educate and inform the public about the significance of financial literacy and the various inherent investment risks. CySEC’s participation in this year’s event will feature a range of online activities, highlighting the importance of financial education and investor protection. These activities include the publication of a new Investor Guide, the creation of a booklet with important advice on investing basics, sustainable finance, investor resilience, frauds and scams prevention, crypto assets, and the promotion of the key campaign messages via the social media.

Starting 2 Octo, CySEC has uploaded on its website the campaign’s logo, along with a link to the World Investor Week 2023 website and is encouraging its regulated entities and other financial sector stakeholders to spread the campaign key messages in their own way.

CySEC Chairman, Dr George Theocharides commented, "World Investor Week 2023 provides an excellent opportunity to raise further awareness not only among investors but also the general public regarding the risks of investments. This year's key messages address three crucial topics, Investor Resilience, Crypto Assets, and Sustainable Finance.” Furthermore, Dr Theocharides added, “Further to our supervisory role as Regulators, it is also important to promote financial education to investors and the public at large, especially in today's rapidly changing technology-driven environment and the development of complex and high-risk products. Awareness and prevention are key factors to mitigating investor exposure to the risks involved, and this is where we channel our efforts."

For more information visit the official website of World Investor Week 2023

For more information on the CySEC financial literacy initiative visit the CySEC Financial Education Hub

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