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Lawyers at the polls to 'reach a verdict' on their new president

The legal world of Cyprus is going to the polls today to elect the new president of the Cyprus Bar Association (CBA), as well as the four elected members of the Council, who with their election will complete its 17-member composition.

Christos Clerides is seeking re-election to the presidency of the CBA, with Michalis Vorkas as his opposition and the four positions for elected members of the Council contested by eight candidates.

The eight are Georgios Christofides, Melina Pyrgou, Georgia Constantinou Panayiotou and Nicky Xenofontos with the combination of Christos Clerides and Nicolas Tsardellis, Hera Ioannou Emilianides, Michael Philippou and Avgerinos Hartsiotis with the combination of Michalis Vorkas.

The elections will take place within the framework of the Ordinary General Assembly of the CBA, which will start at 3pm at the Filoxenia Conference Centre in Nicosia. There will also be polling stations in Limassol, Larnaca, Paralimni, and Paphos.

Voting will begin at 3.30 p.m. and will end at 7pm. Polling stations will operate in all provinces, as follows:

Nicosia: Filoxenia Conference Centre.

Limassol: New building of the District Court of Limassol (ground floor).

Larnaca- free Famagusta: Radisson Blu Hotel Larnaca (ground floor).

Paralimni: Paralimni Municipality’s Hall

Paphos: Paphos District Court (cafeteria).

It is noted that if the need arises, the chairman of each polling station can extend the voting hours, with the approval of the central staff in Nicosia.

Eligible to vote at the polling stations are:

  • The members of the Bar Associations belonging to the respective cities.
  • The members who belong to the local bar associations of Famagusta and Kyrenia and who are based/maintain offices and practice the legal profession in the respective cities.
  • Lawyers of the Republic based/working in the respective cities.

Only lawyers who hold a license to practice their profession are eligible to vote and, according to the CBA Register, their number amounts to 4,300.

The work of the ordinary general assembly of the Cyprus Bar Association, which as mentioned above will take place at the Filoxenia Conference Centre in Nicosia and will start at 3pm, will be presided over by the Attorney General of the Republic George Savvides, as honorary president of the CBA

Based on the agenda, the work of the assembly will begin with an introductory speech by Savvides, to be followed by a short report by the elected president of the Association, Christos Clerides.

You can read the October 2020-October 2023 activity report, Greek, by clicking here.

Afterwards, the electoral process will begin for the election of both the new president and the four elected members of the CBA Council. The result of the lawyers' 'verdict' is estimated to be clear, depending on the turnout at the polls, by between 10pm and 11pm.

It is recalled that the composition of the 17-member Council of the Cyprus Bar Association for the next three years will be completed by the presidents of the local Bar Associations, as well as the elected representatives of the local associations, as emerged from the recent local election procedures, as follows:

The presidents of the local Bar associations:

  • Stefanos Skordis (Chairman of the Board of Nicosia).
  • Louiza Protopapa (President of the Board of Limassol).
  • Dimitris Kallenos (Chairman of the Board of Larnaca).
  • Christos Karas (Chairman of the Board of Famagusta).
  • Nicolas Constantinides (Chairman of the Board of Kyrenia).
  • Iasonas Telemachou (Chairman of the Board of Paphos).

The elected representatives of the local bar associations:

  • Nicosia-Orestis Nikitas.
  • Limassol-Alexandros Tsirides.
  • Larnaca-Christakis Mouskos.
  • Famagusta- Emily Pasi.
  • Kyrenia-Maria Koustai.
  • Paphos- Sofia Hadjineophytou.

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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