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Cyprus presents energy priorities of upcoming MED9 2024 Presidency

Energy Minister George Papanastasiou presented Cyprus’ energy priorities for its upcoming MED9 Presidency in 2024, addressing the 7th International Conference on Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency taking place in Nicosia.

Papanastasiou referred extensively to the current geopolitical environment and how it affects the Energy sector in the MED9 countries. "Right now in the Middle East there is a big turmoil which we don't know how it will develop and there is another situation in Ukraine," he said, explaining that all these geopolitical developments affect the energy sector globally but especially in areas that are closer to the conflict areas.

He emphasised that therefore one of the priorities of the Cypriot Presidency of the MED9 in the field of Energy will concern an effort to ensure that the countries of the MED9 that are near the conflict areas will not have any issues on energy efficiency, notably electricity.

He also noted that the Cypriot Presidency will further emphasise interconnections between the countries.

He also indicated that another very important element initiated at the meeting in Malta under the Presidency of his Maltese counterpart is that an effort should be made by the MED9 countries for a project that will also serve as pilot project for larger projects through which competitive green energy supply will be secured not just for the MED9 countries but also for the rest of Europe.

Maltese Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprises Miriam Dalli stressed that the Mediterranean region has a vital role to help us ensure a green transition that is truly at the heart of our economic recovery, indicating moreover, that this region is pivotal to strengthen the Mediterranean states' energy security individually and in Europe as a whole.

Underlining that the Mediterranean region needs stability, she noted that unlocking the potential of energy investments in the Mediterranean can help towards achieving stability in the region not only economically but also politically, by creating jobs and attracting investments.

Dalli recalled that last May, during the first ever MED9 Energy Ministers' meeting that was held in Valletta, nine EU Mediterranean countries including Cyprus and Malta, came together because they collectively believe that the Mediterranean region has huge potential in accelerating the transition towards clean, secure and affordable energy.

“During this meeting we managed to sign the Malta statement, a joint declaration for the development of renewable energy corridors in the Mediterranean as a main pillar to a climate-neutral future” she added.

Miriam Dalli also recalled that MED9 established a joint steering committee to focus on the acceleration of offshore renewables and interconnections between the MED9 countries and other Mediterranean states.

“I'm glad that both Malta and Cyprus, having the Presidency of the MED9, one year after the other share the same commitment and enthusiasm to establish the Mediterranean as a hub of green energy,” she said adding that this shared commitment is more critical today than ever before but also that the two countries need to ensure that their commitment continues to increase and results in increased renewables year after year.

(Source: CNA)

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