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Israeli Ambassador welcomes the support of the people of Cyprus

Israel’s Ambassador to Cyprus, Oren Anolik, has thanked the people of Cyprus for their support following the recent events, while also noting that Israel will not tolerate Hamas’ ongoing attacks.

In an exclusive interview with Reporter, Anolik asked for the ongoing support of the people of Cyprus, which, he said, gave the people of Israel strength.

Speaking to journalist Michaella Loizou, the Ambassador said that Israel was receiving support and solidarity from many people from all over the world, adding this was especially true in Cyprus. The Ambassador said he felt this support was not just due to Israel and Cyprus having good relations, but also due to the events creating a reaction in any compassionate person.

Cypriots have a heart and understand what they are seeing, the Ambassador said. Anolik continued that this moral support was important to the people of Israel in these dark days, describing it as a source of light and something that was much appreciated not only by the Embassy but also by the people of Israel.

He also noted that the two countries had signed many agreements and memoranda of understanding, which provide for various ways and possibilities of cooperation in the event of an emergency, and he underlined the goodwill he would expect from the Cyprus government. The Ambassador also said that, even if they had to pause due to the current situation, he did not believe long-term cooperation between the two countries would be affected, including the ongoing negotiations on several issues regarding energy.

Anolik also said that while the people of Cyprus and elsewhere feel great sympathy for the people of Israel, he was still not sure if they fully understood what was happening there.

He underlined the human aspect of what was happening, noting that as well as the collective trauma Israel was experiencing, people were suffering personal loss. Anolik has already lost a friend in the events, noting the person was not a soldier or official.

The Ambassador’s own daughter is currently doing her national guard service and, he said, is stationed not far from Gaza. As well as Ambassador, he is also a father with all this on his mind, Anolik said.

Anolik said that Israel was at war, a war imposed on it by terrorists. He continued that Israel was a very strong country and that, in spite of not being pleased to have to do it, it would fight. He described the reaction undertaken by Israel so far as being just the beginning.

The Ambassador also suggested that Hamas wanted every Jewish person to die, and was not truly concerned about the Palestinian people. He said that for Hamas, even its own people were simply pawns in a game. They care more about killing Israelis than about improving the lives of their own people, Anolik said, also pointing toward Iran’s involvement.

The full interview, in Greek, can be viewed here.

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